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The esports industry is developing rapidly, and so does the branch of betting. Besides widely-known and popular CS:GO, Dota, and League of Legends, there are also many other exciting strategies and simulators that won’t let you get bored. In this review, we will try to identify the best H1Z1 betting sites that will help you turn your passion for H1Z1 esports into a profitable business.

H1Z1 Game HD Wallpaper

H1Z1 Esports

H1Z1 is a free Battle Royale game in which players kill others to survive. Each game begins with each player parachuting onto a map in a random place. Teams must decide a survival strategy, usually choosing between actively hunting other players or hole up until the late stages of the match.

Top Esports Betting Websites

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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Rocket League Hearthstone Call of Duty
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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Rocket League
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Players can use their weapons to attack other players and discover various supplies and items while investigating the map. These may be additional weapons to attack enemy players, first aid kits for injured players, and vehicles for faster map navigation. The goal of the game is to attack and kill as many members of the opposition team as possible. The winning team is the team that first kills all opponents. Some H1Z1 tournaments determine the winner based on the best of three or the best of five results.

The H1Z1 Pro League has a scoring system that includes the number of teams kills multiplied by their position in the game – this is believed to be the fairest way to evaluate team results.

H1Z1 game maps are designed as various war zones, every one of which will create its specific challenges for players. Over the course of the game, players will be able to take up less space, since it will get gradually filled with a cloud of poisonous gases. This will increase the frequency of confrontation between players, and this inability to avoid other players will help speed up each match to its conclusion.

A number of various H1Z1 tournaments are held annually, and each of them involves players and teams of different levels and from different countries.


This event, with an impressive for the industry prize pool of $500,000 (2017), is divided into three matches. The all-stars tournament was held between 75 different players, including recognized players and newcomers from different parts of the world.

Elite Series

In this competition, the 60 best H1Z1 players compete to take home the $ 100,000 prize pool. The elite series prize is awarded based on each player’s performance over three rounds.


75 participants from each region – Europe, South America, North America, Australia, and the Asia-Pacific region – were selected to participate in the latest battle of H1Z1. Players participated in three matches to identify the overall winner, and only ten players per region won.

Professional League

H1Z1 Pro League in Las Vegas is the primary professional tournament for this game. 15 teams compete against each other in a tournament, and 75 professional world players compete every week for the whole season. Winners will be determined based on cumulative points for the entire season, and at the end of the tournament, only one team will win.

H1Z1 wallpaper

H1Z1 Betting

The H1Z1 betting industry is built on the wagering of various game skins. A user may either bet the skins directly or convert them into coins in order to place bets on other markets and events. There are various games in which every user can bet some of his skins and coins won on them:

H1Z1 Coin Flip

The game is being initiated by a user who places a bet on one side of a coin. The second player takes the bet and places skins of equivalent value on the other side of the coin. The winner gets all the skins, however, pays a small fee to the website.

H1Z1 Roulette

This is very popular among users game in which there is a wheel with 15 slots: 1-7 are red, 8-14 are black, and 0 is green. To win, players have to decide to bet on red, black on green. Bets on red or black pay off at 2 to 1, while on the green – 14 to 1.

H1Z1 Jackpot

In this game, the group of players bets by placing skins, not necessarily of the same value, in a pot. The total value of the skins put in the game determines the chances to win. The winner gets all the skins, but also pays a small fee to the website.

H1Z1 Crash

The idea of this game is that there is a multiplier that begins from one and gradually goes up, reaches its peak, and crashes down. Thus, each player should try to deduce the point when the multiplier is at its peak and make a bet. The value of the bet will be multiplied by the number of the original stake the player cashed out at.

Top Betting Sites For H1Z1 Fans

There is quite a wide choice for those who want to bet on H1Z1, since lots of CS:GO Skins Betting Sites except H1Z1 skins. For example:


CSGO Empire was founded in 2016 to provide the best service in skins betting in the industry. Nowadays, it is considered to be the oldest and the most developed CS:GO skins betting website that also provides some kinds of bets for H1Z1 esports.

The website has 18 language versions, thus suites the needs of the users from the whole world. The platform’s interface is clear and user-friendly and is definitely created for the comfort of its users.

One pleasant feature that differentiates this bookmaker from the others is that it offers a number of interesting and lucrative bonuses to its users. It usually offers free gifts, promo codes, free daily cases, free coins, and common chat and referral programs.

CSGOEmpire main page

The website facilitates 2 kinds of bets: roulette and coin flip. The games are based on professional software and almost 100% free from any kind of errors. The website claims to have the most efficient deposit and withdrawal systems that won’t take long to process users’ fund’s transactions.

There are no definite rules that will lead you to the 10% win in your bets; however, there are some universal tips that might help you develop a successful betting strategy: first of all, don’t lose track of your money. Always set your budget and red lines before betting. This will help you not to get led by your emotions to losing lots of money. What is more, don’t lose a chance to take advantage of the promotions offered on the website. It won’t take much time but will bring you some money.


WTF Skins is a betting website that, throughout a relatively short period of time of its operation, has proven to be a trusted skin gambling platform with an active betting community and high level of software supplement.

The website’s pride appears to be a large withdrawal shop with a huge number of tradable items in it. The security of this and other sections and operations on the website is ensured through the firm SSL encryption and constant moderation of the website by the administration.

WTFSkins main page

There are several games represented on the website. These are roulette, crash, and Jackpot. You can bet your skins in these games directly, in other words, you don’t need to exchange them. What is more, the website claims to facilitate quick money withdrawals.

WTFSkins website offers some interesting bonuses to its newcomers, as well. You can claim it by entering a special code during the registration. There are also some daily bonuses and perks for a Twitter subscription.

You can also place your bets on popular H1Z1 events at quite lucrative odds. We advise the newcomers and professionals in the field to take into consideration these betting sites on H1Z1.


The very respected bookmaker Unibet appeared in the bookmaker’s industry relatively recently, in 1997, and has become one of the most rated companies of this kind in the world. Unibet does not stand still; it develops more and more every year and does not cease to please its players with constant improvements in the betting services.

Unibet main page

In 2006, 2008, 2009, and 2014 Unibet was recognized as the “Bookmaker of the Year” at the prestigious annual eGaming Review ceremony in London. It is worth mentioning that its shares are listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, and its capitalization is worth about four billion crowns. Finally, in order for you to finally have no doubts about the reliability of Unibet, it is necessary to mention that this bookmaker became one of the founders of the so-called “Self-regulatory European Association of Bookmakers eCOGRA”, which monitors the activities of bookmakers around the world and ensures high standards of quality of work of its members.

The line of the betting company Unibet looks great from almost every point of view (as H1Z1 betting website as well). It offers bets on more than 400 different sports leagues, cups, and tournaments, and the number of sports has exceeded 50. Most of the odds are considered average. The average bookmaker margin is 6%; however, it varies significantly in each sport.


BetVictor bookmaker has long been one of the most respected bookmakers in the UK. It has a long history, during which no fraudulent actions were noticed.

The BetVictor site is quite self-explanatory – a pleasant interface, made in pleasant black and blue tones, is what immediately catches your eye here. The website has several language versions: English, German, and Chinese.

BetVictor main page

There are many bonuses on the site: here, there are welcome bonuses, various promotional offers, and various specialized bonuses for casinos and poker.

H1Z1 betting odds here look very attractive and contribute to the constant attraction of new customers. The bookmaker’s margin also deserves special attention – for football, for example, it makes 3%, which is very, very small when compared with most competitors.

Another obvious advantage of BetVictor is live betting. Everything that a player needs is here: a rich line and good odds.

The mobile version of the betting site has full functionality corresponding to the capabilities of the main site (including betting on H1Z1). Players can register, deposit and withdraw funds, make all types of bets. The H1Z1 betting site also has its own iOS and Android apps.

H1Z1 Betting Bonuses

Each of the H1Z1 esports bettors listed above is interested in attracting more and more users that will fall in love with their services. That is why they all have some pleasant welcome bonuses for you to begin with. Don’t lose a chance to get the advantage of them, in order to do everything right, read about current rules of getting your initial bonus, and get straight into betting.

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