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SMITE is a battle arena where multiple players can compete with each other. It is a fighting game; players enjoy it from the third perspective, which might be a bit unusual for modern players. Such a way of showing the events in the game was most popular in the nineties, but not today. Still, the game was released in 2014, and it is still one of the most played games in the world, which tells a lot. Usually, the popularity of the game is decreasing, and eventually, everyone forgets about it. But that’s not the case with SMITE.

The game offers a lot of characters to choose from. Usually, these characters of heroes are either gods and goddesses or mythological creatures. For example, you can play as a Celtic goddess Artio, or you can choose the famous Loki. The game offers you to choose from Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Celtic, Chinese, Slavic, and other pantheons. You need to unlock those gods if you want to use them.

Top Esports Betting Websites

Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Rocket League Hearthstone Call of Duty
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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Rocket League Hearthstone Call of Duty
⇣ More games
Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Rocket League
⇣ More games

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Each character has uniques qualities, strengths, and weaknesses. Some are great for defense; others are amazing at offense. Some of them have magic abilities; others rely on other strengths and skills. As a SMITE eSports option, it is mostly played 5 versus 5. Five players team up against the other five players and are trying to win the game.

The battles are usually spectacular and extremely interesting to watch. Each player must have his or her role in a team. The team has to destroy the opponent’s Titan, but before that, they must destroy some other structures. The team fights in a jungle area, a lot of monsters (PVE) are placed in between two teams. The winning players are getting the rewards.

It is worthy of mentioning that the game is of a free to play type, although play to win players get better advantages and faster. But any player can upgrade their characters, unlock different abilities, and team up with other players to win even better rewards. That is why the game has become a competitive eSport.

SMITE Betting Advantages

SMITE is very popular among players. Just think about it, one year after SMITE was released, there was a huge championship, one of the biggest SMITE tournaments with a prize pool of 2.6 million dollars. The winner was to get 1.3 million dollars! So the team could share the prize with each other, and still, it would be an amazing price. Sow hen such tournaments of SMITE are being organized; it is only logical that lots of people would love to bet on someone who they think might be the winner.

This was not the only tournament in the history of SMITE. There are other matches organized where the best players in the world can compete with each other. So SMITE betting can be considered one of the best opportunities because of the popularity of the game. It is easy to find out more about the players and to bet on teams considering the gathered details. Plus, the tournaments are interesting to watch, and they are regularly organized so wagerers won’t have to wait too long for SMITE betting markets to appear.

Since SMITE is a relatively new game on the market, not all the bookmakers offer lines regularly. It means that some of the most famous bookmakers might be offering to bet on SMITE only when some championships are happening. Some SMITE betting sites that are heavily focused on eSports, are offering SMITE eSports categories, but the lines are published only if some important matches are about to go live.

You should choose a SMITE betting website depending on the reputation and other features. For example, you can even choose a traditional sports bookmaker with a good reputation to start betting on SMITE. Even if at the moment there are no SMITE betting lines, they will appear when the tournaments are announced. In this case, you can trust the bookmaker since it has the license, and it is safe to bet.

SMITE eSports Websites (Reviews)

Below you will learn more about the best SMITE betting sites even though some of them are focused on traditional sports – Pinnacle and Betway. Such betting websites as,, and Rivalry are targeted at people who are more interested in eSports and betting on games. But any of those mentioned below sites might be useful for you since they are legal and offer quality services.



As it was mentioned, Pinnacle is a well-known traditional sports betting website. It was launched a while ago, and it has everything a gambler needs – a nice casino, lots of betting options, and for a while, Pinnacle offers SMITE betting lines for game enthusiasts. The design of Pinnacle differs in each category. For example, if you click on the eSports section on the upper right side of the screen, you will be redirected to a true gaming world.

It is easy to navigate in the eSports section, and you can find any game to bet on. Unfortunately, Pinnacle doesn’t publish SMITE betting lines all the time. You can find the SMITE eSports betting category only when there are matches coming so you can analyze the odds and make your bet. But the site is a great option for gamblers. It is a reputable bookmaker, and it can be trusted. Overall, it is easy to use the site, it offers a lot of payment options, and users rarely complain about the work of Pinnacle.



This bookmaker is one of those betting sites on SMITE that has a category for SMITE gamblers. You can create an account on Rivalry to start betting. Rivalry offers one of the best eSports collections available in the industry. The bookmaker offers to bet on traditional sports, but the primary focus of the owners of the site is betting eSports lines. You can click on the eSports section; there will be a small window with different eSports. Click on SMITE, and you will see available markets.

If there are no matches currently, the SMITE eSports category will be temporarily empty. You can choose to view the results of previous matches to learn more about the teams who have won the matches. Rivalry is a fairly new bookmaker, but it has already gained a good reputation.

Rivalry has an Academy where you can learn more about eSports betting. This Academy is good for both – amateurs and professional bettors. Each section of the Academy covers different topics depending on the skills of the gambler. Overall, the site is trusted and easily used. It is a great option for beginners and professionals, even though Rivalry has only one type of bonus – the welcoming bonus.



This website is one of the most trusted online bookmakers you can find. It was launched back in 2006, and since then, the bookmaker has earned a good reputation and a huge database of users. Betway is heavily focused on traditional sports since most gamblers still prefer betting on football, basketball, baseball, etc. Betway also offers to bet on different events related to TV, on some most famous contests, for instance, on Eurovision, etc.

But since eSports are getting more and more popular, Betway has added the eSports category where you can also find SMITE betting lines. Even though Betway is not a SMITE betting site, it doesn’t even offer lines on SMITE on a regular basis, but it is chosen by a lot of gaming enthusiasts. The website has a great reputation; it offers various payment methods and a lot of bonuses for all types of gamblers. It also has one of the most trusted casinos, so you definitely won’t get bored with Betway.

The company that runs is definitely focused on eSports. Even though the site still has lines for bettors who prefer traditional sports, is mostly used to make bets on eSports. The website has a nice design, and it is easy to find the category you need. Unlike other websites foci=used on eSports, this website has lots of bonuses for new and existing gamblers. has a casino with card games and slots. It also offers live dealer games so you won’t get bored while waiting for the results of eSports matches. It has different eSports categories, and it includes the most popular games in the world, for example, Dota 2, Counter-Strike, World of Tanks, etc. Unfortunately, SMITE betting lines are offered not on a regular basis. offers a line to bet on SMITE only when there are some matches coming live soon.

Overall, the website is easily used, and it offers a ton of payment ways so you can deposit by using your favorite method. The site offers fair odds, and it has a good reputation. You don’t need to worry about anything while betting on

Another bookmaker that is focused only on eSports. It is a new company, but it has a license, and it definitely offers quality services. The website has a great collection of eSports; you might even find some eSports lines that are not offered on other eSports bookmaker websites. To start using, you need to open an account. It is an easy process, just fill in all the required details. You can get a nice bonus at the beginning and use it to bet on SMITE. does not offer any traditional sports betting lines except for football. Overall, the website is targeted at gamblers on Sports and on gaming enthusiasts. It is easy to navigate the site; you will see a list of games on the left side of the screen. Just scroll it down until you find the game you want to make a bet on. Overall, the website is nice, and even though it is new, it offers the best collection of eSports to bet on.



This bookmaker has everything a traditional sports enthusiast needs – a good reputation, a casino, and a ton of options to make a bet. But since the eSports options are becoming even more popular, Bet365 couldn’t miss the opportunity to add an eSports category. So now, gaming enthusiasts can enjoy betting on games.

Bet365 covers a huge portion of eSports championships and matches. Even though it is focused on traditional sports, you can find a lot of eSports options, more than any other traditional bookmaker can offer. It doesn’t have a category for SMITE, but if there is a match, they will offer lines with fair SMITE betting odds.

The good thing about Bet365 is that it is available in a lot of countries, including the US. Depending on the country you live, you will be offered to use a payment method that you prefer, although it should be mentioned that Bet365 doesn’t offer a great variety of options. On the other hand, the site is trusted and can be used by different gamblers.

SMITE Betting Bonuses And Discounts

If you are seeking SMITE betting bonuses, you might be interested in several options. Most bookmakers offer at least one bonus, which is the welcome bonus. It’s a very rare case when such websites offer bonuses only for opening an account. Usually, those are very young betting services. Most reliable websites offer bonuses for making a very first deposit. For example, you choose to bet 100 dollars, you deposit these 100 dollars, and as a welcoming bonus, you get another 100 dollars.

Some websites are offering only this welcoming bonus, while others are trying to keep the existing databases of users. They implement different bonuses for existing gamblers, discounts, and VIP programs. One of the most loved bonuses that grant new players or bettors to the bookmaker and bonuses for the existing gamblers is the “Invite a friend” bonus. You can invite up to three friends and get a bonus to wager on SMITE.

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