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PUBG is a relatively new game in the gaming world. And even though it might be less popular than World of Tanks or Call of Duty, it is new and has great potential. First, it is a first-person shooter in the genre of battle royale. It engages several dozens of players in huge battles against each other and only the strongest, the smartest and perhaps the most skilled ones can survive the game.


Gamers prefer PUBG since it has interesting gameplay. You can create and name a character (in other words a hero), choose the clothes, weapons, and customize the way you want. At the beginning of the game, all a hundred characters (or heroes) are getting to the island on a plane. Players get to decide at what point they are landing on an island. This decision will either be good or bad since players can land somewhere where there won’t be advantages at all.

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CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Rocket League Hearthstone Call of Duty
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CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Rocket League
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Then these players have to start collecting resources that will help them win. For example, when you land on an island, you have only clothes and some basic weapons. It is up to you to find all the necessary kinds of weapons to win. Players may play alone, they can keep hiding so other gamers won’t find them, or they can team up. One team can have up to four players.

No wonder that such actions attract bettors attention. Gamblers are interested in PUBG betting since there are different contests and matches where you can guess who is going to win. The gameplay is interesting and the matches and PUBG tournaments are always fun to watch. Perhaps, PUBG eSports are not as a popular betting option as betting on all other games, but it is still an option. And there are a lot of advantages to betting on PUBG.

PUBG Betting Benefits

One of the reasons why PUBG betting has more advantages than other similar eSports is because it has annual and seasonal tournaments. For example, the Global PUBG Championship where only the best and the most skilled players team up against each other to get great rewards. And since the tournament is popular, there are a lot of wagerers waiting for the matches to go live. It means that there will be lines to bet on, and the prize pool will be higher.

It is always better to bet on such games like PUBG since the PUBG betting odds are fair and the prize pool is higher due to the fact that lots of people wager on PUBG matches. Another great advantage of PUBG eSports options is that the game is popular and there are matches organized regularly. You can monitor the information about upcoming matches, research the history of each team (winnings, losses, strong sides, etc.), and make a successful bet.

Other advantages of betting on PUBG are as follows:

  • Live matches due to the interesting gameplay and special effects.
  • The game is popular to bet on.
  • Fair odds.
  • Nice winnings.

These benefits of PUBG make the game so appealing for wagerers all over the world. Since the game is popular among players, it is popular among bettors as well. Not all PUBG betting sites offer good bonuses, odds and other perks, but some of them are worthy of your attention. The best PUBG betting sites offer great bonuses for newcomers and regular players, so learn more about potential bonuses you can get before you choose the PUBG betting website.

PUBG Betting Bonuses Options And Promotions

There are several types of PUBG betting bonuses you can get. One of the most popular is the welcoming bonus that you usually get for creating an account and making a deposit. In very rare cases you can get the bonus simply for opening a new account. Such bonuses are called no deposit bonuses, meaning that you don’t even have to make a deposit.

If you gain such a no deposit bonus it still doesn’t mean that you can register, get the bonus, win 1,000 dollars with the help of this bonus, withdraw your win, and that’s it. No, betting sites give such bonuses on one condition – if you decide to withdraw the winning from your account to your bank account or electronic wallet, you must make a deposit. But these bonuses are less popular since they are usually small. When you make a deposit, that’s when your bonus is bigger since your deposit gets doubled.

There is a plethora of other bonuses and special promotions or discounts. Usually, well-known and reputable betting sites on PUBG or simply on regular sports have special discounts during some events or holidays. These bookmakers have “bonus” categories, so make sure you monitor them so you won’t miss special opportunities. Usually, those are discounts or free bets, but there are even more options for wagerers to choose from.

One more interesting option is inviting a friend and getting a bonus. This type of bonus always goes on one condition – your friend has to use a special code (from an email that you send out to your friend), and he must make the first deposit. Usually, the sum of the first deposit by this friend is fixed by the bookmaker. So when the friend uses the code and makes the first deposit, you get the bonus. Most of the time, you can only invite several friends since there is a limit.

It’s wise to choose PUBG betting bookmakers that offer different perks and privileges to the regular customers. Plus, these sites have to be reliable and trustworthy, with lots of withdrawal and deposit options for customers to choose from.

PUBG eSports Betting Websites

If you are choosing PUBG betting sites, you should keep in mind that it should be a licensed website. It’s the most important thing to consider since that way the bookmaker will guarantee that you get your winnings and that the services will be of high quality. It also should be reputable and have a lot of payment options so you can choose the most suitable for you. Here are some examples of such websites where you can bet on PUBG.



This is an eSports betting bookmaker that offers a lot of eSports to bet on. It has at least two dozens games with lines so that bettors can choose the favorite games to bet on. The website has a nice and modern design with nothing that would distract your attention. It is easy to navigate and to choose lines to bet on. Rivalry is simple and that’s the advantage.

Even though the website is simple it has various useful things for bettors. For example, their Academy. In their Academy, everyone can learn more about betting on eSports. They also publish the most recent news concerning the gaming world. As for the license, they have it, as well as a good reputation. Rivalry offers a ton of payment options so you can choose the most suitable for you. The odds are automatically displayed as Decimal, but you can change to other options in settings.

Overall, the website is nice and targeted on bettors on eSports. The odds are fair and clearly the website is not a scam or a fraud. PUBG eSports category is available on the betting website.



Another great website for betting on eSports overall and in PUBG in particular. The website is a traditional bookmaker that is targeting users interested in traditional sports. It has lots of traditional sports to bet on, plus the casino and all sorts of slots and card games in it so people won’t get bored. But since eSports is a trend now, Pinnacle has added a new category – ESPORTS.

You should click on the button on the right side (not the left), the category of eSports is on the upper side of the website. When you click on the category, you get to see a totally different website. If the design of Pinnacle on the main page and sports betting page is made in one style, the eSports category opens the doors to the gaming world. The design is different, more suitable for games. Because of the design, it is easy to navigate Pinnacle. You just need to choose the game you want to make a bet on, and you will see a list of matches with odds.

The site allows you to change the display of odds right on the page of the match. You have to click on the “Decimal” button on the right, and you can choose to switch to the American or percentage display of odds, or you can leave the odds as Decimal, it’s really convenient. There are lots of payment options so you can choose the most suitable one for you. The reputation of this bookmaker is good, and it offers different bonuses to regular users which is great if you want to start betting on PUBG.



This is not entirely a PUBG betting site, but it is used as one. This website is a traditional bookmaker with a Casino and lots of betting options. You can even bet here on political elections, on TV events, on various contests, for example, on Eurovision when it’s the time for this contest, etc. It has a nice casino with lots of games and Betway, even though a bookmaker site, is considered to be one of the most trusted casinos as well.

And like any other good bookmaker, Betway offers the most popular options. Today, it’s eSports and betting on games. You can choose to create an account on Betway and to click on the eSports category. The website is trusted and reliable, with a license. So even though it is more a traditional bookmaker, you can consider Betway PUBG betting options.

The website offers fair odds, the payments might be canceled only in case of fraud. In other cases, people almost never complain about payments being stopped or canceled. If you win a huge price, you will be able to cash out – nothing to worry about. As for payment options, you can choose the most suitable for you, Betway has lots of them. Overall, the website is good and worthy of your attention and money.



This bookmaker might not have the best collection of eSports, but that is only due to the fact that this is a traditional betting site. It has a lot of traditional sports lines to offer, it has the casino where you can play card games or spin slots, but it also has an eSports category. You can find PUBG eSports on Bet365, but only when there are matches of this game.

PUBG tournaments and matches are not organized all the time, so you can bet on PUBG only in certain cases. And if there are popular tournaments to bet on, Bet365 will offer betting lines. Overall, the website is good but the developers could change the design of the site a bit.

It looks old-fashioned and it would be easier to navigate if they categorize games, for example, one eSport – one category. But this bookmaker is reliable and with good odds, it has lots of payment options and a license. So it is wise to use it as a source of additional income and fun.

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