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The Blizzard Entertainment company has certainly hit the jackpot when it has released its most famous game World of Warcraft (or WoW). It’s a multiplayer role game where players can choose different roles and play as various characters. It’s a type of a game that combines PvP (player versus player) and PvE (player versus environment), where players can either play alone and explore the environment or to team up and play against each other.

When you create a character (or in other words, a hero), you can go on missions and kill some monsters (PvE), or you can interact with players (PvP). WoW has a whole universe that you can explore as a player. No wonder why such a popular game has become an eSport. World of Warcraft betting lines have been released since there were different World of Warcraft tournaments. Each time there is a match, most bookmakers are trying to publish the odds so that gamblers can start betting.

World of Warcraft

The best players team up with each other in order to show the world who are the best masters of the World of Warcraft universe. These players can win amazing rewards in tournaments that are part of eSports competitions. The prize pools of such tournaments are sometimes above and beyond all expectations.

But those who bet on World of Warcraft eSports sometimes win even better prizes. Since World of Warcraft is so popular, there are different types of matches, which has lead to appearing of World of Warcraft betting lines. Most bookmakers, even those who originally cared only for traditional sports, now allow betting on WoW.

World Of Warcraft Esports Tournaments

When someone is betting on an eSport, this gambler is choosing a team with specific odds. Sometimes people place bets on individuals, but player versus player is a pretty rare case. Usually, the tournaments mean that players team up. And that’s the case with World of Warcraft.

You might choose your favorite team, or the team you believe will become a winner against another team. These matches are of PvP type since players are playing against other players. But since WoW offers a huge universe where players can do whatever they want, explore different corners of this virtual world, now there is an option to place bets on PvE matches.

World of Warcraft is not only about PvP; some players might be more interested in killing monsters, completing missions and tasks. Usually, such missions are dangerous for in-game characters, and not all of the players manage to complete these missions. So now, there are World of Warcraft betting lines where you can place bets on players or teams when they are playing against the environment, although this type of betting is not as popular as live tournaments.

The most popular betting lines are when you can bet on one of the teams. When you make a bet on one team, you hope that it will win against another team. The bookmaker publishes the information about upcoming matches, which includes World of Warcraft betting odds. If the number is lower, than this team is a favorite, meaning it is a potential winner. If the number of odds is higher, then this team is an underdog in the match. But as everyone knows, sometimes the underdog can become a winner.

So it is up to the gambler to decide on who to bet since placing a bet on a team that is not a potential winner, can be risky but potentially a profitable idea. Usually, the odds are less even, and if you place a bet on a team that has odds at 5.0, you can gain more. But that does also mean that you can lose more if the team doesn’t win.

List Of World Of Warcraft Betting Websites

Mentioned below, websites are the best World of Warcraft betting sites considering people’s feedback. This list is not official, and it wasn’t created due to statistical data gathered by companies. These bookmakers offer good conditions to players; they are reputable and fair. That is why these sites are on the list and might be chosen by gamblers on World of Warcraft eSports matches.



Initially, Pinnacle wasn’t created as a website for betting on eSports. It was launched in 2004 as a traditional bookmaker. Since back in 2004 eSports were not as popular as today, Pinnacle’s main focus was on traditional betting. Until recent years, a lot of bookmakers were publishing odds to traditional sports, but now eSports competitions are trending.

Pinnacle might be even one of the best betting sites on World of Warcraft, even though the owners are still more targeted on traditional sports. Pinnacle offers one of the easiest to use interfaces. You might check it out and click on their eSports category. Then click on Warcraft 3 (it’s WoW), and you will see all available matches that you can make a bet on.

One of the things that are so praised about Pinnacle, is that it is extremely useful. You can choose the league, then the match. You can also click on the odds representation on the right of the screen – if you prefer decimal, then you can choose decimal. If you are more used to a percentage, then choose a percent type of odds. The American system is also available on the site.


  • Extremely convenient.
  • Reliable and trusted by gamblers.
  • Versatile payment options, including Bitcoin.
  • It has an app to download.


  • Not that many WoW matches to bet on.

It is a great and useful World of Warcraft betting site which can be used by different gamblers. It is great that Pinnacle offers depositing and cashing out in Bitcoin since that way everyone can avoid fees.



It’s a World of Warcraft betting website that offers markets always when they are available. It is heavily focused on eSports and it is trying to cover all possible tournaments, matches, league matches organized for WoW players.

The website is new, but it has a license and operates in a lot of countries. You can check the list of countries in their FAQ section. It is easy to use Rivalry and you won’t face any difficulties in trying to bet on a preferred team. The site even offers an Academy for beginners who yet are new to the gambling world.

For those who prefer standard sports like basketball, boxing, MMA, football, etc., Rivalry offers a section with markets. Overall, it seems that the site is more targeted at gamblers who are fans of games and want to bet on favorite teams. Rivalry has an amazing collection of games where you can make a bet.


  • Great variety of games.
  • A lot of payment methods.
  • Focused on eSports.
  • It is publishing markets on time.
  • Easy to use.


  • No mobile app.
  • Does not allow to pay in cryptocurrency.

Rivalry is a great choice when it comes to betting on games. It is easy to navigate on the site, it offers a great collection of eSports, and it is fun.


This website is targeted at gamblers who wish to place bets on traditional sports, but it also has an eSports section. This section is not as versatile as eSports bookies offer, but it is pretty good. The website is on the list of preferred websites since it has a good reputation, it has a licence, and you can bet from almost any country.

It is easy to navigate on the website, there is a section with all types of sports on the left. You have to find the eSports category to choose WoW and place a bet. If there are no matches currently, the site won’t show the WoW category. Unfortunately, it does not has a lot of lines for World of Warcraft fans.


  • Good reputation and long history.
  • Versatile payment ways.
  • It has a casino, it even offers games to play.
  • Great bonuses for new and existing gamblers.


  • No app.

You can choose to bet on an eSports website, but it might not has as good reputation as MyBookie. World of Warcraft fans might find interesting options on the site.



This bookie is not recognized as an eSports website, but it has a good eSports section so you can consider World of Warcraft betting on Unibet. It is a relatively new website, but it has a good reputation and it has a nice design that won’t distract you from betting.

Unibet has everything that a gambler needs. It has horse racing, greyhound racing, games, a casino with slots and card games, and an eSports section. Unibet was created as a site for betting on traditional sports, but it has a good eSports section that covers the most popular games. It has different payment methods, and you can even set a deposit limit in your account so you won’t overspend if you get too enthusiastic about something.


  • Easy to navigate.
  • Reputable and trusted.
  • A lot of betting options.
  • Good eSports section.
  • A lot of payment ways.


  • It does not allow to bet in cryptocurrency.

The website is nice and it can be used to bet on World of Warcraft. The only thing is that they not always post information about upcoming matches.



It’s a relatively new bookmaker that offers more traditional sports markets, but it has an eSports section. It is a traditional bookmaker with not just betting lines, but with a casino and mobile games. The website offers promotional programs to existing and new players so that everyone can enjoy betting.

Paddypower has several payment methods, but you can’t bet in cryptocurrency. The bookmaker is pretty reliable and there is no information about players not being able to withdraw their wins. The only thing that could be improved, is the eSports section. They offer all games on one page and it is hard to navigate.

You have to be very attentive to find the betting lines with the game you are interested in. But they do offer a good collection of eSports so anyone can choose the most suitable option. If you are new to these platforms, you will receive a bonus upon completing the first deposit.


  • It offers various betting lines for players.
  • Good odds.
  • Versatile payment options.
  • Great promotional bonuses.


  • The eSport betting lines should be better organized, preferably, categorized.

Even though the website is targeted at gamblers who prefer traditional kinds of sports, this platform can be used by eSports fans too. It offers a good collection of eSports, including World of Warcraft.

World Of Warcraft Betting Bonuses Types

Betting on World of Warcraft can be extremely fun if you receive some bonuses that can boost your budget at the beginning of betting. There are several types of World of Warcraft betting bonuses you can get while betting.

The first bonus is when you either get your deposit doubled (usually, no more than 100 dollars), or free bet. Free bet is almost of the same value as a doubled deposit, sometimes it is even considered to be better than doubled deposits. Free bets don’t ask you to meet strict rollover requirements, you just have to make a deposit and bet several times.

The other type of bonus you can get is for inviting a friend. You won’t have the bonus until your friend makes the first deposit. Such a requirement is supposed to make sure that no one is using liabilities to their advantage.

It is worth mentioning that a lot of bookmakers are offering special promotional programs to make betting even more fun. They might offer some discounts for certain events, or they implement VIP programs for existing members so they can get more benefits for being members of the community and betting frequently.

Top Esports Betting Websites

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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Rocket League Hearthstone Call of Duty
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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Rocket League
⇣ More games
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