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League of Legends, or LOL, is a strategy game with amazing graphics and special effects. It’s a strategy game where players have to team up to earn benefits and to defeat other teams. It is one of the most popular games in the world at this moment. The combination of interesting gameplay, legendary heroes, special effects, and tasks make it one of the best choices for players who want to have fun in a virtual world.

But it is not only attractive to players. Since there are a lot of professional contests based on playing League of Legends, bettors consider LOL to be appealing too. It’s only logical to make a bet on a game if millions of players team up and play against each other in matches and contests. Everyone who has knowledge of how the game works can decide for themselves what teams might be potential champions in different tournaments. This is why LOL is an official eSport, and a lot of bettors choose it to bet on some teams.

League of legends

League Of Legends betting websites offers bettors markets to choose from so that anyone can have a chance to win while others are playing. Since League of Legends eSports is highly popular (and it is an understatement), all betting platforms offer to bet on LOL. Because of such popularity among players and bettors, most platforms are trying to cover all the matches and League Of Legends tournaments. Meaning, you can bet on any team that is taking part in a professional contest.

Betting On League Of Legends eSports

Even though League of Legends eSports contests is highly popular and all eSports betting sites offer to bet on LOL, you can’t just google the request and choose the first betting site you see. The very first step you need to complete is to choose the bookmaker site wisely. Here are some criteria that show that the site will be useful and you can start betting:

  • It is licensed.
  • The bookmaker is covering most competitions and matches.
  • Good odds.
  • Diverse payment methods.
  • Reasonable fees on depositing/withdrawing, or no fees at all.
  • Ease of use.

The license is very important since if you bet on a platform without a license, you risk a lot. Your win might not be sent to you, or the quality of services would be lower, etc. When the site is licensed, the bookmaker is obliged to offer you quality services. As for the fees when cashing out or depositing, it is best to choose a site with no fees at all (but that’s rare), or with minimum fees. Check out the list of League Of Legends betting sites that meet these requirements.

List Of League Of Legends Betting Websites

There are lots of betting sites on League Of Legends since LOL is one of the most popular games right now. You can choose from League Of Legends betting platforms mentioned below since these sites are the most popular and reputable. It doesn’t mean that this list reflects the best bookmakers; the list is only a recommendation. It is up to the bettors to decide whether these mentioned sites are worthy of their attention.



Rivalry is a League Of Legends betting site that is focused on the games and betting on games. The website is offering to bet on some traditional sports so that other bettors won’t get bored, but mostly Rivalry is an eSports bookmaker. It is one of the most reputable eSports sites even though it is relatively new.

The collection of eSports offered by Rivalry is pretty vast, League of Legends is not the only game you can bet on. It seems that Rivalry is trying to cover all the matches and tournaments so that bettors can bet on the teams they feel might become the winners. The site is easy to use, a nice interface, and a modern design ease the process of picking the markets.

It looks like the developers spent a lot of time on creating the Academy – a place where beginners can learn more about betting. If you click on the Academy link, you see a ton of articles covering information about types of bets, how to bet, how to avoid scams, how not to overspend, and a lot more. Plus, Rivalry has a nice promo program. It is a 00% value, and you can get up to 100 dollars. Some would say it’s not much until they find out about the rollover requirements – it’s only 2x.

Rivalry is a good website to start betting on League of Legends. It has payment opportunities without fees, which is good. The only thing you should bear in mind that your bank or chosen company might charge you with minimal fees.


  • Covers a lot of League of Legends matches.
  • Offers good odds.
  • Useful, easy to navigate.
  • Has a special Academy with information about betting.
  • Diverse payment options.


  • Does not allow using cryptocurrency.

Betting on League of Legends on Rivalry is simple and enjoyable. Players have to create accounts to claim bonuses and to start betting.



Even though the website is not entirely an Esports platform, it offers LOL as an opportunity to gamble and have fun. Betway is targeted at bettors who are fans of such sports as football, basketball, some martial arts sports, etc., but Betway can’t ignore eSports. Gambling on games is a trend, and it doesn’t seem it will ever become less popular, so many traditional sports bookmakers implement new categories for eSports. That’s what did Betway a few years ago, and now it offers lines for eSports, and LOL is one of such opportunities.

The League Of Legends eSports category on Betway includes not just matches in a particular country, but even some leagues. Here you see competitions that will go live soon, and users might observe some leagues that currently offer matches. Betway is trying to cover all possible contests and leagues of teams of players so that all bettors can support their favorite teams.

It doesn’t seem that they offer live betting. You can see that there is live betting on traditional sports, but they don’t seem to have this function in the eSports category for LOL. That might change, considering they offer live betting for other games. Bettors might have to be more attentive to not miss such a chance.

As a welcoming bonus, Betway offers a 30 dollar bet for free. You can use it as you wish. If you have enough skills in betting on eSports, you can even get a great win, but only after you meet the requirements. You can learn more about promotions on Betway in their bonus section.


  • Lots of payment options.
  • It has a license.
  • The site was launched in 2005 – it is reputable.
  • Diverse payment methods.
  • Amazing coverage of LOL matches.


  • No option to withdraw in cryptocurrency.

The website might even have a bit old-fashioned design, but all the matches are categorized, the League Of Legends betting odds are posted pretty fast, and you can use your favorite payment options. The website can be used to bet on LOL.

This is a website where betting on League Of Legends is not just possible; it is enjoyable. The website is pretty new into the industry, but it was created by eSports fans who know exactly what eSport bettors need. The website is focused on eSports and on League of Legends as well since it is one of the most chosen games among players. It has some traditional sports offers, but eSports collection is more versatile. covers different LOL leagues, contests, and matches, so betting enthusiasts won’t have to visit different platforms to bet on all League of Legends matches they want. The site is trying to offer all possible professional matches to bet on. The bookmaker has a license to offer gambling services, so bettors will receive good quality for their money.

The site has a nice design, but it is a bit hard to navigate. You can easily find the match to bet on, but it is a bit more difficult to reach other categories. For example, if you want to read the rules, you have to scroll down. But the page will be automatically refreshing to show more matches, and as a result, it takes time to finally open the link with rules. And if you need information about bonuses, you have to click on the news category; the information is not in the rules section, which is illogical.

But the League Of Legends betting options are good, and it is possible to win a considerable amount of money while enjoying the website. The bonus program on this site is something to consider. The developers have decided to create something unique and more eye-catching. You can get the first bonus for a deposit, but that is not the only offer.

There are a lot of interesting options where you have to complete tasks. For example, you can become a Legend by completing the required tasks – make a deposit and place simple bets on odds more than 1.75, etc. That way, you can earn 660 dollars. And that’s not the only option. These bonus programs remind you of tasks in online games where players get rewards for completing actions.


  • A lot of League of Legends matches and leagues to bet on.
  • Interesting promo program.
  • Focus on eSports.
  • Versatile payment methods.


  • Could be more easily navigated. might be a new bookmaker in the field, but it stands out. It has the most popular games and is trying to implement everything that might be of interest to bettors.

This League Of Legends betting website is one of those rare cases when an eSport site offers cryptocurrency as a deposit/withdrawal method. A lot of bettors prefer cryptocurrency since you don’t need to pay fees at all – not to your bank account or electronic wallet company, and not to the bookmaker. And on, you have several cryptocurrencies to choose from, including the most popular Bitcoin.

And about the most wanted categories, League Of Legends eSports category has a lot of options, including live betting matches when you watch and adjust your choices. The website has a modern design; it is easy to navigate and use it. The site covers most of the contests leaving no chance to miss some important matches. Even though the site is relatively new and it has to compete with bigger bookmakers, it offers good odds. This means that the chances are higher that your win will be better than on other sportsbooks.


  • You can withdraw/deposit in cryptocurrency.
  • Great odds.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Covers lots of matches, and live betting is available.


  • It doesn’t have the app.

League of Legends is a popular game, and it is hard to offer something that your competitor doesn’t offer. But manages to offer something interesting to each bettor.

League Of Legends Betting Bonuses

If you are a beginner, then a bonus can be used as a little advantage. As a simple example, you want to start betting on your favorite game – just use this bonus as training material. It would be wise to check the terms and conditions of the bonus since all sites have rollovers. Meaning that you can make a deposit, claim the bonus, and withdraw it immediately – bookmakers don’t give money for nothing.

Usually, the bookmaker sets a rollover requirement – placing several bets on different sports with different odds. For example, placing several 10 dollar bets with 1.75 odds, etc. Read the terms of the bonus, and you can start training by completing these turns. Professional bettors might be more interested in bonuses for permanent players, and the websites mentioned above offer such bonuses.

Top Esports Betting Websites

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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Rocket League Hearthstone Call of Duty
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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Rocket League
⇣ More games
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There are no available offers for your location 😢 Use VPN with another location if you would like to bet 😼

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