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Are you a fan of esports and always keep track of what’s happening in the arena? Do not miss out on a single sporting event, competition, or tournament? If it is the case of yours, then you might be probably thinking about how to support your favorite team or player. This is where our website can help you with. Predict the game outcome and track how well your team is doing at the moment. We will make sure you can access all the stats, win rates, betting coefficients, as well as any other important information whenever you need it.

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What eSports Betting Sites Can Do for You?

What’s special about our site? What information can you find there? And how can we be useful to you? If you are still wondering what is the value proposition of eSports Betting Sites, here are some points that will help you understand what we do for you:

Top Esports Betting Websites

Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Rocket League Hearthstone Call of Duty
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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Rocket League Hearthstone Call of Duty
⇣ More games
Bet Now
Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Rocket League
⇣ More games
Bet Now

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  • Reviews of top esports betting sites – Do not have time to run independent research or review of a betting platform yourself? There is no need to do so. We will collect all the necessary information and specs of every sports betting site so that you could simply read all the data and make an informed decision on whether to go with this site or not.
  • Ratings of the best esports betting sites – Reviewing different esports sites is one thing. Comparing their characteristics, offer, and service packages is a more challenging task that requires not only knowledge of industry standards but also solid expertise on how betting sites should work. What is more, it is crucially important to keep track of all the changes in how particular betting sites operate and what they offer. This is where we can work for you. Our sports betting experts have an eye on all market changes and can assess the quality level of the services any platform offers.
  • Betting guides and tips – No matter if you are a novice bettor or already have some experience in placing esport bets, our guides will still be useful for you. They will explain to you some important betting criteria and things defining a successful bet. Do not know what to be on? Looking for a profitable deal? Want to distinguish an offer with the top high win rate? Good news – we have all these explained for you. Forget about failing with the wrong bet or feeling that you are lacking some knowledge. We will make you a true expert who knows more than everything about esport betting.
  • Industry news –  Having everything in one place is a good thing, agree? This is actually what we strive to achieve for you. So apart from the standard package of esports betting related information, we also offer 100% fresh and up-to-date industry news. By regularly visiting our site, you will not miss out on any competition or game and will be amongst the first ones to know about changes in the team’s line-up or game outcome. This information will help you make the right bet and will increase your winning odds significantly.
  • Esport betting strategy – Those who think that betting strategies do not work are so wrong. With well-planned actions and a well-thought-out strategy, you will hardly lose and will always know what to do so that your game outcome prediction works. There is a long list of criteria defining different types of bets and strategies to deal with them. And our experts are ready to share these inputs with you – free of charge. Believe us – this knowledge cannot hurt!

EsportsBettingSites is constantly developing and expands the scope of information posted on the website. So do not forget to open the site from time to time not to miss out on a single interesting offer, whether it is a piece of news or the updated selection of the best esports websites.

2020’s Top Esports Betting Sites

Computer games are no longer just a hobby for adolescents: it is today a promising area of activity for both players and businesses. The betting companies have also noticed the change and gave eSports betting fans the opportunity to bet on esports. Every year, the number of bookmakers offering this type of service is increasing. There are also separate services that are fully focused on eSports betting. With all the multitude of available offers, it is not so easy to pick a betting platform that will meet your expectations. We will never let you fail.

  • William Hill – It is an old and reliable British eSports betting company that is a part of the market since 1934. The audience of the platform is about 1.1 million people from all over the world. On their site, you can bet on any of the famous tournaments in LOL, Dota 2, and Starcraft 2. Betting panel, available options, and bonuses are quite varied at William Hill;
  • Bet365 – It is a large international bookmaker whose history traces back to 1994. During that time, the company has gained an audience of 550 thousand bettors, who can today place bets not only on football or hockey events but also on esports such as Dota 2 and World of Tanks.
  • Pinnacle Sports – It is one of the first companies to start offering esports betting services. Pinnacle Sports is considered a “perfect land” for professional betters, who are ready to risk large sums of money and know everything about the game they place bets on. Dota 2, LOL, Starcraft 2, FIFA, and many more are available here.
  • Betway Esports – It is a company that allows you to participate in Dota 2 betting, LOL, and Starcraft 2. It cannot boast of such a big name as previous bookmakers in this list, but it offers rather high odds and supports a wide range of sporting events.
  • Egamingbets – It is one of the leaders in the e-sports betting industry, which specializes exclusively in cyber betting. Along with traditional options (Dota 2 betting sites and Starcraft) being presented here, Egamingbets also matches for less popular and old games, for example, Quake.

If you want to know more about every platform from the list, then feel free to explore the review section of our website and explore the specs/ features of any eSports betting site in detail.


How Do We Rate Esport Betting Platforms?

Along with the standard criteria for choosing a betting site – its reliability, support service, and betting options provided, we pay attention to the following factors :

  • The presence of popular e-sports disciplines and matches. If esports is not one of the activities of the bookmaker, there is a low probability of a company exhibiting matches at the World Cup level;
  • The availability of bets on different computer games and tournaments. Far from every bookmaker offers betting options on esports and relevant events. This is due to the fact that bets on computer games became popular only a few years ago, and not all bookmakers have a dedicated analyst in a particular discipline;
  • The availability of dynamic event coefficients. Odds for eSports events are often lower than for popular football or hockey matches. This is due to the relatively small popularity of esports in comparison with the same football.

Apart from the above, we also pay special attention to:

  • Bonuses. Some platforms offer attractive welcome packages or rewards for high betting activity; others treat high-rollers with better coefficients or better withdrawal terms. Since bonuses and promotions can become a good source of income for a better, we always check this criterion;
  • Player safety. It is extremely important to have your data safe so that no one could access or hack it. For this purpose, some sites use high-end data encryption technology as well as relevant info protection means to keep everything in safe hands;
  • Banking options. What’s the sense of a betting platform with all its cool features, bonuses, and betting options if you cannot deposit money or withdraw your wins. That’s is why we always pick you esport betting sites that support country-specific payment solutions and e-wallets apart from traditional banking options;
  • Withdrawal times. Some bookmakers allow for fast cashouts that do not usually take more than a couple of hours; others process the very same operations for days or even weeks. We do not want you to wait for your money for too long. That’s why withdrawal timings and conditions are among the first things we pay attention to.

Besides, we do not forget about the company reputation and customer reviews. These literally reflect the professional level and service quality they provide.

Why Is Esports Betting a Good Business?

Every day, several thousand bets on esports events are made in online betting shops. Of course, compared to football, this value is just a drop in the bucket. However, still, there are several thousand players who can make a profit. At the same time, dozens of new players appear every day. And there are no prerequisites for the fact that this is a temporary phenomenon. The eSports betting trend is expected to occupy a more well-established position in the future:

There are several reasons explaining the popularity of esports competitions and online eSports betting:

  • Entertainment. Many players prefer not to watch “live” competitions but computer games. As tech progress and the games themselves develop, there are more and more such people. And esports betting sites perfectly serve this purpose. On such sites, you will be not able to watch your favorite games but also place bets and read recent news;
  • Simplicity. In traditional betting on football or hockey events, you need to consider many factors: the player’s health status, injuries, mood, field coverage, weather, and other features of a single match. There are no such problems in betting on esports. Of course, you should know the level of every team, but still, it is a way easier.
  • Definition of a favorite. Esports is only gaining popularity both as a sports discipline and as a sport for eSports betting. Each team that participates in major competitions is already known. Sometimes “dark horses” appear in the arena that shows an excellent game and beat potential favorites, but this is rare in eSports. This fact significantly increases your chances of making a winning bet.

All in all, participating in eSports betting can be an easy and fun source of income. And if you are a true fan of cybersports, this business automatically becomes even more exciting and thrilling to you.

Are you up for esports betting? Then our site will help you play the safe game and make the bets that will bring you nothing except for fun, money, and excitement. Reduce the risk of dealing with second-rate bookmakers. Instead, register at trusted and professional sites that offer wide sporting event diversity and good odds.

World of Warcraft

Types of eSports Betting

Each game may have unique types of bets created specifically for this eSports discipline. However, some types of bets are common to most games. Here are the most spread ones:

  • Game outcome. The player must choose the winner of the fight. Some games allow a tie.
  • First Blood. You can bet on a team that will commit the first kill.
  • Total and individual total kills. You can predict the number of kills in battle, round, or on a separate map. They are calculated for both teams or one of them.
  • Total Time. Another option for betting is the amount of time a round or match takes.
  • Total Rounds. You can guess the number of rounds in the match.
  • Pass to the next stage or a victory in the champ. The player must determine the winner of the stage or competition in general.

As you can see, there are plenty of options for betting. So you can use the one that suits you best or go ahead with all the options selected. No matter how your betting strategy looks like, it is important to approach bookmaker selection with special care. When choosing an esports betting site, don’t be too lazy to study the rules of each of them to avoid any issues in the future. Or you can always check our reviews – all the data of this type is listed there.

Major eSports Tournaments and Leagues

Obviously, you also need to study the information about the players and teams participating in the esports competitions. Would you bet on a football match between teams that you know nothing about? How about a tennis match between players you’ve never heard of? We think not. Therefore, you should not bet on esports if you do not have complete information about the participants in the competition. But we will take care of you in this regard as well and will provide you with all the game specs and news so that you could stay on top of things all the time, regardless of the game you pick for betting.

Potential of Esports Gambling

Although esports gambling is a new direction in betting, many bookmakers already support this discipline. Basically, the younger generation chooses platforms accepting bets on esports competitions or a league of legends. They keep up with progress, know the intricacies of the game, and take part in some tournaments themselves. Compared with older players who need time to learn the essence of the rules, young players grab information on the fly. In the future, this business can bring good dividends in the form of moral and financial satisfaction.

Betting companies have recently offered to put on computer games, along with “traditional” sports. Sportsbooks accepting bets on esports are rapidly gaining popularity, a huge number of platforms are organized on the network. But not everyone is ready to include the main number of e-sports disciplines in their lists, mostly limited to no more than five. We focus on the main types of esports and highlight the bookmakers taking bets on an ongoing basis. So if you check our site from time to time, you will find the most valuable information there.

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