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BetOnline betting site is dedicated to making bets. This is a place where you can find a huge range of betting options – starting with traditional sports like football or basketball, and ending with the most popular eSports and horse racing. It offers different withdrawal and deposit options for customers’ convenience. It also has a Casino where you can spend time while waiting for your bet to play and win. Overall, the BetOnline betting platform seems to be an interesting option for all types of bettors.

4.3/5.0 Overall Rating

  • 4.2 Esports Offered
  • 4.2 Customer Service
  • 4.5 Deposit Options
  • 4.5 Player Value


It is one of the oldest sportsbooks you can find on the Internet. It might not be as old as some other popular platforms, but it has the experience, and it can offer a lot of interesting options that new sportsbooks can only dream about. It has pretty standard options, just like all other sportsbooks, which is good. You can choose to bet on standard kinds of sports, including horse racing, or you can choose the BetOnline eSports section and pick a favorite team to bet on. The site is interesting and is worthy of attention.

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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Rocket League Hearthstone Call of Duty
⇣ More games
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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Rocket League
⇣ More games
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There are no available offers for your location 😢 Use VPN with another location if you would like to bet 😼

How Does BetOnline Work?

The first important thing is opening an account, just like on other sites. You can’t just open the BetOnline site and make a bet on your favorite team or individual. You have to open an account by filling in the standard BetOnline registration application. You don’t need to indicate your phone number, just an email, where you are from, your first and last name, age, where you have heard about the platform (for the statistical purposes), etc.

As you might notice from the screenshot of the registration form, the website is available in the United States. BetOnline is one of those pretty rare sportsbooks that can operate in the United States. Some states might be blocking and restricting access to BetOnline platforms, but most US citizens can enjoy BetOnline.

After creating the account, make sure you attach your credit/debit card or eWallet to make your very first deposit. And here is a little surprise – the BetOnline welcome bonus might be shockingly huge. It can go up to $2.500, depending on the sum of money you put on your deposit. But there is a requirement, you can’t immediately withdraw your money after you gain a BetOnline bonus. You have to either make several bets or spend some time while playing in a casino.

To make a bet, you just have to choose the kind of sport, then on a team (or individual), and then you can choose who you should make a bet. In the BetOnline eSports section, you can choose from five eSports offered by the sportsbook.

BetOnline balance boost

Welcome Bonus

As it was mentioned previously, the BetOnline bonus for registration can go up to $2.500. But there is one peculiarity – if you want to gain a bonus, you have to make a minimum deposit of $50. If you make a 25 or 49 dollar deposit, it won’t be qualified for a bonus.

When you are putting a deposit on your account, there will be a field where you need to insert the promo code. The promo code for the bonus you can find on the website in the Bonus section. The deposit is 50% from the sum you put as a deposit. For example, if you put $50 as a deposit, you will gain a $25 bonus. If you put $1,000, you gain $500. Not bad as a start.

Location & Age Restrictions

The age restrictions on BetOnline are pretty standard – you can bet or play in the casino only if you are of legal age, meaning, 18 years old. The official office of the company is located in Panama, Panama City.

Esports to Bet On

BetOnline suggests five most popular games and leagues to bet on. For convenience purposes, you might use the search to find your favorite team. There are live matches where you can bet too. As users claim in their BetOnline reviews, it is good that the site is mainly focused on the main games since that way, they offer lots of matches and live events to bet on.

BetOnline games

Types of Bets

One bettor was claiming in his BetOnline review that it has enough sports options to bet on. But some people were commenting that BetOnline has a lot of bet options on the most popular kinds if sports, while less popular sports are being mostly ignored. For example, some matches are not even included, and you can’t bet on them.

Sign Up

The sign-up process is pretty standard, just enter all the information required. Click on the “Join” button, and you will be redirected to the BetOnline app form page. Fill in all the fields and click continue. You can check out the Terms and Conditions, or you can continue immediately.

BetOnline welcome bonus

Promotions and Bonuses

As was mentioned. BetOnline has a good welcoming bonus of 50% from the first deposit you put. But it also offers some bonuses for casino players and bettors. The bonus can be gained if you lose, meaning, you can gain some cash back from your loss.

Special Features

It has a free odds calculator to calculate your real chances to win. So you can download BetOnline odds calculator to make sure you are betting on a winning side. It has a guide, and it is available on most operating systems. It also has a casino and mobile games for you to enjoy while waiting for the match, etc.

BetOnline guarantee

Payment Methods

The good news about the site is that you can put a deposit and withdraw it by using the three most popular cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Litecoin, ETH (Ethereum). And you can also use the most popular deposit/withdrawal methods like credit/debit cards, and some eWallets, including PayPal. Unfortunately, all withdrawals are charged, so you have to plan them to not overpay. But that can be easily arranged.

Privacy and Security

BetOnline had problems when people were creating several accounts to cheat, but now the issue is fixed. As for security, there are no facts about databases being hacked. Although there was a scandal with the support – they had passwords to people’s accounts. But it seems that now they have implemented a better database to which customer support has no access.

Customer Support

It is one of the reasons why the site has mixed comments – negative and positive. It seems that BetOnline is a nice company, it offers good odds, it is not stealing money, and it operates in the US, but the customer support is not the best.

Pros / Cons


  • Withdrawals/deposits are available in three types of cryptocurrency.
  • Great welcome bonus.
  • Nice sportsbook with a lot of options.


  • Customer support.

Final Verdict

Overall, BetOnline offers options to various users. You can even bet on elections (yes, Politics), so it has a wide range of options that might be interested in a huge audience. Even though it has some disadvantages, but the site is certainly not bad.

BetOnline Rules

You can own only one account, meaning, if you have one computer or phone, it has one IP-address. If someone else will decide to create an account or use it from your PC, it might get blocked. Age restriction is standard – 18 years old and older. If you call BetOnline to make a bet, then the minimum is $25, if you bet online, then the minimum is $1. You can read detailed rules on the website.


Is BetOnline Legal?

Yes, it is legal, and it has a license to offer gambling services. The headquarters of the company located in Panama, Panama city, but the website offers services in lots of other countries, including the US.

Is BetOnline Good?

BetOnline had some issues in the past when people could create several accounts from one device and location, and they have been using liabilities to gain benefits. But now the website seems to fix all the major liabilities, and it offers good options for recreational bettors and professionals.

Is BetOnline Safe?

As it was said, BetOnline had problems with blocking accounts from one location. Meaning, some people had multiple accounts that were cheating. But now the problem is fixed. As for security, BetOnline offers a good level of protection, and bettors might feel relatively safe.

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