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Betting on Fortnite game is one of the most popular options since the game is amazing, it attracts a lot of users, and there are always matches available to bet on. The game is so popular that it is recognizable in dozens of countries over the world. It is a pretty new game (in a good way) since it was launched back in 2017. For 3 years, it is not losing popularity, and in a gaming world, it’s a huge thing considering how many developers there are out there in the world, creating thousands of games each year.

But considering how new Fortnite is, it is hard to find where to bet on these games. There are currently Fortnite betting sites available where you can make a bet. On several pretty popular Fortnite betting platforms, this game will appear as soon as possible. These sites are already creating Fortnite esports category to immediately add markets so that Fortnite enthusiasts can start betting right away. 

So even though there are currently no Fortnite tournaments to bet on since the game is currently not officially an eSport, this option will be added soon. The news about Fortnite becoming an eSport and entering the range of betting options as a Fortnite betting opportunity is spreading quickly, and there is a high chance that soon enough, it will become available. 


Some pretty influential eSports platforms have made it clear that they are looking forward to adding Fortnite eSports category to the list of eSports available. This means that soon enough, they will be organizing markets and Fortnite betting competitions for bettors. The interesting thing about Fortnite becoming an eSport is that these betting platforms are talking about competitions and matches even before these competitions are being announced. 

This only means that not only players are looking forward to Fortnite betting, but the owners of the betting platforms are waiting for this game too. It won’t take ages to wait until Fortnite betting becomes available. But now let’s see why is Fortnite so amazing and why betting on Fortnite would be even better than playing it. 

Fortnite Betting: Advantages

So before the first Fortnite betting site even appears, it would be wise enough to figure out why Fortnite is so important. Here are some reasons why it is so important that soon will appear betting sites on Fortnite, and what are the advantages of Fortnite entering the eSports world:

  • It is very popular in lots of countries.
  • The game has a fun although not authentic gameplay.
  • Lots of matches can be organized.
  • Lots of competitions of even leagues might be available for betting.
  • It attracts more and more players.
  • The game is released by a reputable and experienced developer.

It is even an underestimation to claim that Fortnite is popular. It is more than popular, and players all over the world are yet to explore the world of Fortnite. The main idea of the game is that because of a catastrophe that happened a while ago, only 2% of the population has survived. The rest are dead, or rather walking dead. The main characters of the game are to survive and to protect the survivors.

Players can team up in teams of four and to try to survive. There are several tasks that can be accomplished – you either have to survive as long as possible, or you have to achieve something, etc. So there are options when it comes to Fortnite betting – bettors can either bet on how long specific teams can survive, whether a team can achieve a certain goal, or in tournaments – which team will be the ultimate winner. 

That’s why so many future Fortnite betting sites are already talking about tournaments and betting options – there is a lot to think about. But first, see the list of sites that already have Fortnite eSports categories to add the betting options in the future. 

Fortnite eSports Betting Sites: List

Here are several future best Fortnite betting sites where Fortnite will appear soon as an eSport. Most of these mentioned below websites already have a category for Fortnite, but no one can bet right now. Bettors have to wait until the options appear in the specific category. But right now, you can learn more about the advantages of each betting site available that soon will have Fortnite betting available.  



The first thing that should be mentioned about Betway is that it is a licensed gambling company. The license is from Malta, and from the UK, it is a legit website for betting, created back in 2005. Now it is a reputable website, although the history of these platforms has recorded some downfalls of Betway. It is a future Fortnite betting site since the platform has an eSports section, and the developers have announced that they are looking forward to adding the game as an eSport.

The bad thing about Betway is that it is not available in the US and Australia, plus in some other countries. But people from such countries as the UK, Canada, Germany, Korea, China, etc., can enjoy betting on Betway. They offer diverse payment methods, including the most popular way by depositing and cashing out with a credit card, Neteller, Skrill, etc. Although they still don’t offer to attach a cryptocurrency wallet.

There are welcome bonuses for new players for their first deposits. The bonus can be claimed right after you make a deposit, but you will have to meet the 5X rollover requirement f you want to gain the chance to cash out, so it’s debatable whether you need to claim that bonus. You can read more about the cashing out rules on their website.


  • Good odds.
  • Attention to eSports.
  • Reputable website.
  • Easy to use.
  • Mostly free off adds.


  • The bonus.
  • No option to bet and withdraw in cryptocurrency. 

Overall the website is worthy of your attention at least because of the fact that it offers eSports to bet on. 



Some time ago, Bet365 was considered to be the most advertised betting platform in the United Kingdom. And the effect of those ads was amazing – people found out about the good odds and other great opportunities of the site. It is not entirely an eSport betting platform, it was created long ago, and the site was focused mainly on traditional sports. But today, it offers a lot of eSports options to bet on. 

The site will be one of the first to offer Fortnite betting odds since it has a good eSports section, and the developers of the site understand that fans are waiting for this games. Bet365 is preferred by many bettors because the website is pretty old, meaning that it has a reputation. The reputation might be good or bad, but this website has it; it’s not new, and most players prefer it because they know that they will be able to cash out without any problems and that the site is not a scam. 


  • It’s a reputable website.
  • It has versatile deposit/withdrawal methods.
  • It offers a casino with hundreds of fun games.
  • The site offers a lot of matches and competitions in an eSports section.


  • Not enough cashing out methods.
  • You can’t use cryptocurrency.

Overall, the website should be considered by eSports bettors because of the fact that it has a lot of matches to offer. It regularly shows lines of the most popular competitions. But that’s not the only thing they do; they also show less popular matches in case someone is interested. 



It is one of those rare cases when the website is focused first on the eSports, and only then on traditional sports in case people will be interested. The website offers a lot of opportunities to new bettors and existing players. They have a promotional program for everyone, so it can become a good start for a bettor. 

As you can see from the screenshot, they offer a lot of games to bet on. That’s why it is considered that the site will soon become a Fortnite betting website where everyone can bet on their favorite game. You can create an account and double your first deposit. It requires a rollover, meaning that you won’t be able to cash out your first win right away. You need to meet the requirements, only then you will be allowed to withdraw. 

The site offers an Academy to new players or bettors who are not too skilled in eSports betting. You can learn from the tutorials, read articles, and instructions. The site also has a news feed where they warn about scammers, or simply announce some competitions, etc.


  • Good odds.
  • Nice bonuses.
  • A modern design.
  • Academy with tips and instructions.
  • Support is good, and replies are quick.
  • Versatile payment options.


  • No info about betting limits.

It might have disadvantages, and it still has no app for mobile devices and tablets, but it is one of the sites that is focused on eSports rather than only on traditional sports.



The first thing you notice about BUFF.bet is that it has a lot of eSports to offer. It is a new website, and some bettors avoid it because of this fact. But the site deserves attention at least because it has such a rich collection of eSports to offer. It doesn’t yet have Fortnite, as well as other betting sites, but when Fortnite finally becomes an eSport officially, BUFF.bet will probably be among all other sites that will offer to bet on Fortnite.

The eSports app offers a welcoming bonus for newcomers. You can gain up to 100 dollars, but to achieve that, you need to make a deposit and then to meet the rollover requirement. Live betting is available on the site, and you can even see the previous statistics during the match to adjust your betting.

The website is a licensed bookmaker, so they are obliged to meet certain rules. For example, they check whether the bettors are of age, whether the players in the casino or bettors gain adequate services, etc. The site is legal, and it offers a lot of opportunities to new and existing players. They have limits on withdrawals, but it is pretty adequate – up to 100,000 dollars per month. You can bet on your favorite games and to withdraw each month a pretty amazing sum of money if you win. 


  • Adequate withdrawal limits.
  • It offers to deposit and to withdraw in cryptocurrency, i.e., Bitcoin.
  • Good collection of eSports.
  • Good coverage of tournaments and matches.
  • Focused on eSports.


  • It doesn’t have the app to download.

Even though you can’t bet on Fortnite on this site right now, but be sure that the moment Fortnite officially becomes an Esport, you will be able to do that. The site is good, and it is worthy of creating an account on BUFF.bet.

Fortnite Betting Bonuses Options

If you are seeking a little boost right after creating an account to start betting on Fortnite, you can think about Fortnite betting bonuses. The one bonus you can have is the bonus that doubles your first deposit. The sites have limits, for example, you can deposit 100 dollars and not more, but you gain an additional 100 dollars. You will be allowed to withdraw the win only after you meet the requirements, and the usual requirement is to bet several times.

The other option that will allow you to bet on Fortnite when it will be released as an eSport, you can take part in different promotional programs. For example, a lot of betting sites, especially mentioned above, allow completing different tasks, and they grant rewards. For example, you can make a bet or win a bet, and you can gain an additional reward for that.

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