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It’s not a secret that in a chaotic and constantly-changing world of online betting, Starcraft esports doesn’t take leading positions. Despite this, the game still has its devoted fans who remain loyal to Starcraft even after so many years. If you’re among them, keep reading. If not, you’re welcome to join the group of Starcraft lovers.

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About Starcraft Betting Websites

Starcraft betting websites are those gambling platforms that allow you to make bets on various Starcraft tournaments and what team from the league will win the competition. The site doesn’t have to specialize only on Starcraft betting but to include the game into the range of esports to wager. Starcraft wagering

Top Esports Betting Websites

Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Rocket League Hearthstone Call of Duty
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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Rocket League Hearthstone Call of Duty
⇣ More games
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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Rocket League
⇣ More games
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In A Nutshell Of Starcraft Esports

Starcraft is a popular real-time strategy PC game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment in 1998. The game demands your concentration and capacity to deal with multitasking. There are three main races Protoss, Terran, and Zerg, each having its own special features and style of the game, as well as a wide selection of specialized buildings and combat units. A gamer can master one of them perfectly or play for all three.

Players are required to strategically and effectively run their Army, Technology, and Economy on the one hand and harvest resources to upgrade or purchase buildings and units on the other. Players manage the economy as a whole and control the actions of each combat unit individually, revealing all their strategic and tactical potential.

Galactic Conquest In 3 Steps

Step 1. Build The Base

Get the Vespene Gas and other minerals essential for the development of buildings and technologies

Step 2. Create The Army

Use Vespen and minerals to create a unique, powerful army.

Step 3. Set Out To Battle

Place troops using imagination and ingenuity to defeat opponents.

Balancing Micro And Macro

Micro and Macro are the two strategies (or tasks) a gamer must perform to run the game successfully and defeat the opponents. As indicated from the name, micro is a more specific field that needs your ability to control each individual unit participating in the battle, as well as choose the location for additional (resource-extracting or producing troops) bases and the reconnaissance process. Micro also includes the selection of individual targets and casting spells that are not automatically triggered. At the micro control level, a gamer determines where the defense forces are placed, how the buildings will be placed on the base, and from which side to attack the enemy’s camp.

Macro, on Starcraft esports, encompasses controlling your economy and technology, making sure you have enough income from harvesting resources and spending the profits on units, purchasing the buildings and upgrades.

Whilst for a good player, it’s important to balance the micro and macro, it’s hard to allocate attention to the two. It’s generally accepted that having a good is more valuable than a good micro.

The Game World

The sci-fi storyline of the game is based on the confrontation and cooperation of three races – Terrans, Zerg, and Protoss. A separate campaign is assigned to each race in the game.


Terrans – humans, descendants of earthlings who were exiled as criminals to colonize new planets. Terrans fell into the Koprulu sector due to a breakdown in the navigation computers of their ships. Terrans quickly colonized the planets and populated several other worlds. During the internecine wars, the Terrans greatly developed militarily, making the main bet on the destruction of the enemy at a distance.


Protoss – a race with natural parapsychological abilities, once highly developed by the ancient zelnaga race during the experiment. Protoss has the most advanced technology compared to Zerg and Terrans; their troops are more powerful than those of other races, but at the same time, their armies are not that numerous.


Zerg-a race created from various species of insects by the ancient zelnaga race after they were not satisfied with the results of the Protoss experiment. Zerg has no technology at all. Instead, their biotechnologies are extremely developed – all “buildings” and “mechanisms” are living organisms. All units and buildings of Zerg have the ability to gradually regenerate after receiving non-lethal damage. The “zerg queens” are able to infect damaged Terrans’ command centers, which enables the production of infected infantry Terrans inside the race.

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Types Of Bets That You Can Make On Starcraft

Starcraft broke into the world of video games long ago in 1998 and had constantly been upgrading to satisfy the demanding taste of modern gamers. Now it’s in the list of esports activities enabling you not only to play but to earn real cash while playing. Since numerous Starcraft tournaments are conducted every year, every enthusiastic can gamble on the game. In general, there are 4 major types of bets on Starcraft esports, and let’s have a look at them.

Resources. Player vs. Player

A Starcraft-specified type of bet. Betting websites set the time (15 or 20 min), and by that time, one needs to guess which player will harvest more of the particular resources or minerals.


Like any esports, Starcraft has numerous totals. On Starcraft betting sites, you can typically bet on round or recourse totals.

Long Terms

If you like betting on a long-term perspective or willing to tickle your nerves while waiting for a bet to win, Starcraft betting is excellent for you. The most popular long-terms are the potential winner and participants of the final.

Winner Of The Match

Last but not least. The most popular and the simplest type of bet on Starcraft. You win money if you succeed in predicting the winner of the match.

Learn To Recognize Decent Betting Sites On Starcraft

Reliable Reputation

In a messy world of online betting, it’s necessary for the site to have a solid reputation, operate for a while, and receive positive feedback. It’s better to use a well-known Starcraft platform to make sure you’ll have a safe gambling experience.

Withdrawal Speed

You don’t need to wait for weeks to receive your winning money if you choose the right betting website. As usual, it takes up to 24 to 72 hours to get the payout depending on the sum and payment method you’ve chosen. For a massive amount of money, however, it may take a week or two to pass the extra security steps to prevent fraudulent activity.

Customer Service

Don’t take it for granted. The customer service team is your saving rope on any website. If you need some additional information or feel lost when surfing the website, you can contact them, and you’ll get an informative response from the qualified professional.

Welcoming Bonus

When speaking about a welcoming bonus or any bonus, we mean the generosity of the bookie and their willingness to encourage new bettors by promising them bonuses for signing up and making Starcraft betting odds exactly on their platform. The most widespread type of bonus is doubling the sum of your first deposit. This money is impossible to withdraw until you make a winning bet on it.

Payment Methods

Being able to make the deposit and withdraw money using only a credit card is not convenient, especially in the modern world. On the overwhelming majority of Starcraft betting websites, you can choose among PayPal, Visa, or Mastercard credit card, Neteller, EcoPayz methods. The new trends, however, also direct us to new tendencies. Cryptocurrency has confidently taken its place in online gambling for its low fees and anonymity.

Best Sites With Starcraft Betting Bonuses


Bonus available: up to $200 welcome bonus, Flexi bonus, Free Bets.

Betway is a global group of gambling websites known since 2006. The company is always looking for ways to make your betting experience easier, and hence it credits you with numerous bonuses. With Betway, betting on Starcraft is transparent, safe, and legal. To try the site out, one must be 18+, interested in money, and ready to risk.


Bonus available: Lucky Friday Bonus, 100% bonus from the first deposit.

1xBet is one of the largest bookmakers in Europe and the world. The company was founded in 2007 and operated under license from Curacao in more than 50 countries. Bets are accepted for sports, esports, financial and cultural events both online and offline. The site claims to own more than 600 ground-based points for receiving bets). Having initially worked in the Eastern European market, this Starcraft betting site has broadened up the scale. Nowadays, 1xBet is a leading platform for gambling.


Bonus available: Up to $30 in Bet Credits.

Bet365 was the real breakthrough in the world of betting. In the 00s, Bet365 was one of the first bookies that allowed customers to go in for sports in “live”, having discovered that this was its main growth driver. The company pursued an innovative approach throughout its development. Bet365 is known for the first bet made on e-sports and the very first broadcast of the football match organized in 2009.


Bonus available: 100% up to $1,000 in Casino Bonuses on your first three deposits by the promo code BOLCASINO.

The BetOnline bookmaker entered the gambling market in 1991, and since that time has been providing the customers with a decent betting experience. In addition to Starcraft and other esports odds, this company has horse racing, casino, and poker, so you won’t be bored. BetOnline operates under a license obtained from the government of Panama.

Even though BetOnline services can be used from anywhere in the world, the main focus of the company is the US esports fans.

starcraft space marines


Bonus available: automatically given 12% casino, and 10% horse race rebate, 20% Cash bonus for every referral friend, 50% welcome bonus.

BetNow is managed by Radon B.V. company and operates under a license from Curacao. There are no ground points for accepting bets; you can bet only online. The site’s functionality, however, is not limited to sports and e-sports betting. It also offers live casinos and poker rooms. BetNow also provides live video broadcasts of sports events. On the site, you can make deposits and withdrawals with Brazilian real, Euro, Mexican peso, Ruble, and U.S.Dollar.


Bonus available: a 50% bonus up to $250.

This is a North American modern bookmaker, which, in addition to sports betting and sweepstakes, offers a casino, gambling, a poker room, and betting on horse racing. Bovada focuses on the American gambling market. Here, it’s a respected and trusted betting company. The main audience of Bovada consists of players from the USA, British, and the English-speaking Canadian bettors.

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