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Most Notable Canadian Betting Sites That You Should Visit

Unikrn 4.9/5

Unikrn main page

This is one of the most outstanding sites for betting in Canada, as it’s the most technically advanced and innovative betting sites online as of today. With its sole purpose is to cater only to esports, and under the stewardship of founders Rahul Sood and Karl Flores, they have become the notable market leaders in the esports betting industry. And here are few reasons why:

Strong Ability In Operating Their Market

One of the reasons why UNIKRN is famous not only in Canada but also in the entire world is because of their ability to operate their market. Their site has uniquely focused on esports betting that ensures its market leaders in the industry and its extensive range of innovative features to make it one of the most user-friendly and accessible sites for betting.

Simple Website Design

With the simplicity of its designed interface and easy to use of their sites making it simpler to browse their esports odds, to watch ongoing live matches through streams, and to do necessary things like logging to your account and contacting customer service.

On Another Level

UNIKRN is just on another level compared to other Canadian betting sites, as the site allows you not only to be a bettor but also a player as if you’re a competitive gamer who’s also in a setting to challenge other players.

They Are Everywhere

Other than that, UNIKRN is everywhere, in a browser, or in an app in a mobile phone, or even in your social media accounts; they continuously offer bets that would suit your taste and would allow you to interact with other people to have fun and win some money.

And to sum it all, UNIKRN offers the following:

  • Their website is easy to access because of its simple yet stylish design
  • Enjoy their different game modes as they feature a mode which you can actually bet on yourself, and you could cash prizes based on your performance
  • Bet real money on other Twitch streamers and win great odds
  • Place your bets wherever you are as long as you have their app
  • Bonus Offers and Free Bets for customers who are based in Canada

GG.Bet 4.8/5 main page

As betting in Canada grows, people rely on trusted sites, and one of the best Canadian betting sites out there is GG.Bet, as their dedication to bringing the best betting bookmaker that covers all Esports that you love, is incomparable. They are widely popular because of their exclusivity on taking wagers on games like CSGO, League of Legends, Dota2, and so much more. And most notably, they:

They Cover Most Of Your Favorite Esports

They offer different betting features that surely make people get hooked more on spending money just to bet on different esports that they offer. Also, they have free live streaming coverage in partnership with Twitch, to help you with your in-place bets. Moreover, their deposit bonus welcome is superb as it will surely help someone to get a start in betting.

Legitimate Business

Not only that but GG.Bet is also fully licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, which in this sense, they have the most reliable and safe payment options that you can choose. And with their impressive customer service team that you can request for a live chat, it will help you out in your issues or questions that you want to ask for esports bets.

To sum it up, GG.Bet offers:

  • Variety of Esports to choose for betting and live to stream
  • Welcomes you with such great deals
  • Impressive Customer Service
  • Reliable and Safe Payment options
  • Values you as a player and a bettor

Bookies That Supports Esports In Canada

Luckbox 4.7/5

luckbox main page

One of the most trusted sites out there in terms of Esports betting in Canada. Because of its experience and currently operated by the Real-Time Games’ Holdings, this site specialized in providing people the best customer support and services, with the best esports betting chances as it covers most major video games competitions.

They Offer Big Odds

Esports betting in Canada is undeniably overwhelming. If you would say about sports, they all have it; if you would say Esports, they’re also into it. And with what LUCKBOX offers to Canadians is just great as it capitalizes on the exclusivity of betting opportunities. The odds are very high, and the bonuses for new and seasoned players are well enough to attract them to come and come again.

Quality Services

Canadians are very fortunate, as the site covers all the popular betting esports, and all matches are up-to-date. And the quality of their live betting module is highly advanced, as it allows you not only to bet in the ongoing games, but also you can bet pre-game predictions. With this, you will be able to win different prizes, such as cash or in-game items. And more importantly, the site also allows you to bet cryptocurrencies and earn and win other forms of money.

To sum it all, LUCKBOX features:

  • Offers all Esports
  • Fast and accommodating Customer Service
  • Allow you to participate in their live betting modules or pre-game predictions
  • Well designed interface and betting system
  • Their Payment Methods is incomparable

Betway 4.5/5

Betway main page

Most punters that love to bet Esports in Canada you would probably know that BETWAY is one to go sites if you’re looking for one of the biggest names in the online esports betting industry.

They Are Everywhere

They are not only famous in Canada but also in European countries like Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, UK, etc. They are also strict with regards to age legality as they don’t accept those who are below 18 years of age as this would harm their reputation and would defy the Gambling Laws and Online Regulations.

Well-Designed Websites

As BETWAY continuously grows and develops, one can’t debate that they designed their sites to be easily operated on a desktop or through mobile phones, as they allow competitive players and bettors to enjoy a hassle-free and fast online betting/gaming experience.

Covers Most Popular Games

More than that, they offer various Gambling Games, Sports, Esports, and other markets, and one of their famous bookmarked bets is the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as it made them gain a lot of loyal followers to continuously bet on their sites.

Helping Esports Grow

And not just that, they also made help in sustaining the growth and development of Esports in the world as they are also involved in sponsoring and marketing such big tournaments that are held every year in different countries.

To summarize, BETWAY offers:

  • A massive amount of sports and esports covered
  • Competitive sports betting odds
  • Compliance with betting rules and regulations
  • Safe, Licensed, and fully encrypted betting site
  • User-friendly interface

Other Popular Bookmaker For Betting In Canada

888Sport 4.4/5

888Sports main page

Online Esports betting in Canada is just massive. The number of players who participate in the betting system on the ongoing live matches is superb. 888Sport Sportsbook is one of the excellent brands in the betting scene because of its reliable and responsive customer support team and its user-friendly payment methods, that they also offer an excellent welcome bonus to their players.

Sustained Betting System

With the site’s popularity because of its well-known system of putting great odds on a player’s potential winnings, it’s also worth noting that they handle their customers well by offering strong special offers and massive welcome bonuses to enhance odds price boosts that any Canadian will enjoy.

Offers A Lot Of Banking And Payment Options

Other than that, 888Sport offers a variety of banking options that are suitable for Canadian users; they have credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, and prepaid cards that you can use to fund your bets. And, even that the company is relatively new to the scene, they completely represent a safe avenue to place a bet this is because the company is regulated both by the UK Gambling Commission and the Licensing Authority of Gibraltar.

To sum it up, 888sport offers:

  • One of the best Sites in Canada betting
  • Huge welcome bonus for new Canadian customers
  • A wide of various sports and esports to choose
  • Minimalist but well-designed site and betting apps
  • The app is easy to use even you’re just using your mobile phone

Top Esports Betting Websites

Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Rocket League Hearthstone Call of Duty
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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Rocket League Hearthstone Call of Duty
⇣ More games
Bet Now
Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Rocket League
⇣ More games
Bet Now

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