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Hearthstone is a collective card game where players have to collect different cards. All these cards give you something. Some might be powerful; others are basic. It is a strategy game where a player is against another player and each of them has to do their best to win. To gain victory, you have to use your cards wisely to make sure your opponent gets 0 health before you have 0. You need to use cards to wound the opponent to burn his or her health.

There are several ways to play the game. You either play one versus one, or you play as part of your alliance. Yes, in Hearthstone, players can team up in alliances and give three players to defend their honor. In this case, if an alliance is playing against the alliance, three players play against three other players. So Hearthstone can be a PvP game in either 1v1 or 3v3 format.

Top Esports Betting Websites

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CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Rocket League Hearthstone Call of Duty
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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Rocket League Hearthstone Call of Duty
⇣ More games
Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Rocket League
⇣ More games

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The game is so popular since there is a ton of cards you can use, but the fascinating thing is that you can use different combinations of cards. Each card has its peculiarities and they give some bonuses to the player using it. But if players are using these combinations wisely, they can easily counter the opponent’s actions. If the player has a powerful deck of cards, he/she can easily become a winner.


Some matches are very interesting and exciting to see, especially when players with similar power play against each other. That way, you can only guess who will become a winner. You need to make decisions and make them right. Players have to adjust each time to different situations. Some combinations might be successful against other combinations, but if used in the wrong situations, it might lead to losses.

That is why the game is so popular and loved, and not only by players playing it. Wagerers can observe fascinating Hearthstone tournaments and bet on them before they go live. The options to bet on Hearthstone are vast, and there are lots of matches organized. That is one of the reasons why betting on Hearthstone is so popular.

Hearthstone Betting Opportunities

Hearthstone is played in every corner of this world. People are collecting cards, testing their card combinations, meet each other in battles. But why is Hearthstone good as a betting opportunity? Because it is a popular eSport! While you have to wait for ages for your favorite game to be added as an eSport, Hearthstone already is, and the only thing you have to do is to choose a Hearthstone betting website.

Since the game is popular, the matches are organized regularly. This game can be played online, and players don’t necessarily have to be in one place for Hearthstone matches. So no events can disrupt the matches. The Hearthstone betting lines are available most of the time, and you just have to make a successful bet on a team or player you believe might win.

When betting Hearthstone, you can either trust the Hearthstone betting odds, or you can go against them. For example, if the odds are displayed as Decimal, then in the case of Player 1 (3.2) vs. Player 3 (1.2), Player 2 is a potential winner. If you bet 100 dollars on Player 2 and he/she wins the game, you gain 120 dollars (20 dollar profit 1.2 x 100). But there is another, more risky option.

For example, you go against the odds and bet on a so-called underdog of the match. For instance, you bet the same 100 dollars on the same match, but you choose Player 1. If Player 1 is the winner of that match, you gain 320 dollars (220 dollars of pure revenue, 3.2 x 100). But of course, that is a risky bet to make, even though it might give you better results. It all depends on the skills of the wagerer, on his or her knowledge of the game, of players, and their strong and weak sides.

Hearthstone eSports Sites

If you opt to make a bet on this popular Hearthstone game, that you should pick among the best Hearthstone betting sites, such websites grant hat you gain good experience, that you will be provided only with quality services, the odds are fair, and the accounts are safe from hackers.

Below you can find the list of such websites so you can choose the best considering your preferences. Some platforms are heavily focused on eSports, others on both – traditional sports and eSports. Every platform is licensed and has good comments from users.



The website is considered to be relatively new in the gambling industry, but it has already gained a good reputation for a bookmaker that offers an amazing range of markets. If you visit Rivalry, you will see that it is focused on eSports even though it has some options for traditional sports bettors. The design is nice, and it is easy to find everything you need.

If you click on the “Betting” button, you can see the first category, which is eSports. Right near eSports, to the right, you can see the traditional sports category. Most people that come to bet on Rivalry are interested in Sports since Rivalry offers probably the best range of eSports among other similar eSports targeted bookmakers.

If you want to make a bet in a Hearthstone eSports category, then click on “Betting”, then choose Hearthstone, then choose the lines. In the settings section, you can choose the way the odds are displayed. The registration process is simple, and you get a doubled deposit bonus right after you deposit. So you gain a nice boost at the beginning and can use it to your advantage. But the welcome bonus is the only perk you can get. Rivalry has no promotions for existing players; perhaps, they will add something in the future.



Even though Pinnacle is a traditional sports bookmaker, it is among the best betting sites on Hearthstone. Pinnacle is a useful website that can be named 3 in 1. You get the place to bet on traditional sports and other contests or events, even on politics and TV. You can visit the casino and play online card games or spin slots. Or you can choose to click on an eSports category in the upper right side of the screen and bet on Hearthstone.

Pinnacle is easy to use, and the eSports section has a modern, stylish, game-like design. You can choose Hearthstone betting lines and bet on your favorite team or individual depending on the odds or other details. Pinnacle has a great reputation, it has a license, and it is praised by people using the platform. It offers a plethora of options to deposit and cash out, and here is no information about Pinnacle holding your winnings for some reason. Pinnacle has a great promotional program, so it is a great choice for wagerers.



As you can guess from the name of the bookmaker, it is a betting website focused on eSports, You can find Hearthstone betting options on this site, and you can see that the odds are pretty fair and good. There are lots of payment ways so you can choose the most convenient for you. The website is easily used; you can see a line of games on the left side of the screen. Just scroll it down until you find the game you want to make a bet on.

The comments of users are pretty good, it doesn’t seem that there are any problems that occur while using the site. The customer support is active, you might receive an answer to your question within several hours. The Hearthstone eSports category might be empty sometimes, but it would be fair to say that Cyber.bet is trying to offer lines whenever matches appear.



It is a Hearthstone betting site that offers a great plethora of options to wagerers who prefer eSports to other options, like traditional sports. It has a nice design where you can easily find everything you need. For instance, if you are seeking some eSport, then click on the eSports section, and you will see different options to the left of the page that appears.

The good news is that you can make live bets and observe different matches on Buff.bet. Even though it is a fairly new eSports website, it already has a great reputation, and wagerers prefer Buff.bet over other options due to the ease of use and great odds offered by the site. Hearthstone eSports section might be empty sometime, but only because there are no matches at that moment.



It’s not a place where you can find only eSports since it is a traditional bookmaker. Betway has a great reputation, it offers quality services, and that is why it is on the list of bookmakers that offer to bet on Hearthstone. Even traditional bookmakers can’t deny the fact that eSports are becoming more popular these days, especially betting on eSports. So Betway offers eSports lines for their bettors in case they are interested in cybergames.

The website has a nice design, even though they might need some optimizations. You can choose your favorite payment option since there are tons of ways you can withdraw your cash. The bookmaker is reputable, it has various options for clients, for example, reviews of matches, casino, useful data, etc. The registration process is quick, and you can get a nice gift at the beginning. Betway also offers loyalty programs for existing wagerers to hold their attention.

Hearthstone Betting Bonuses And Loyalty Programs

If you wish to start betting Hearthstone eSports options, then you should know that sometimes you can get good perks from the website you are using. If you are a beginner or simply starting a new account, all sites offer a welcoming bonus. For instance, you get Hearthstone betting bonuses for creating an account and making a deposit. Usually, this welcoming bonus depends on your deposit. If you deposit 100 dollars, you gain an equal bonus – 100 dollars.

Some websites even offer bonuses just for opening accounts. Usually, those are new sites that need a database of users, so they attract customers with the help of no deposit bonuses. But this is not the best option considering that the site is so new that you can’t judge whether it is good or bad, it has no reputation and rarely offers feedback from real users. So the best bonus is a welcoming deposit bonus. You can either get your deposit doubled, or you get free bets for making a deposit.

Another option is for players who are using the platform for some time. Everyone has friends, and if they share the desire for bets, it’s even better since bettors can invite their friends to bet on Hearthstone or other options. If you invite a friend and he is making a bet on one of the Hearthstone betting options, then you can get a bonus. If this friend is making a bet, then he had made a deposit, which is the requirement to get the bonus.

For each friend that deposits, you get the bonus. Most of the time, such options are limited to three friends. And you get the bonus only after your friend makes a deposit. Hearthstone betting sites also offer great loyalty programs for existing bettors. For example, VIP programs where you have to reach VIP levels. Each VIP level grants awesome perks. And don’t forget about the special discounts. Usually, trustworthy sites with a good reputation offer special discounts.

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