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The Best Sites In Esports Betting In Australia

Bet365 4.9/5

Bet365 main page

Any betting enthusiast has definitely heard about this site, as this is one of the best sites for esports betting in Australia. Bet365 is the biggest and most trusted online bookmaker in the world as it caters to all the games that you are into. And their esports betting odds and bonuses are what stand out most in terms of ranking them in the best esports betting sites in Australia. And here are the few reasons:

They Hype You Up

As for Aussies bettors, this is their #1 pick for a betting site in Australia as this they market everything. Whether you’re into CSGO, Dota2, League of Legends, World of Tanks, and more, they never forget about hyping you up and make you crave more on every bet you will make.

You Are A Priority

In terms of customer service, they assess you in anything; whether it’s about depositing money in their site, choosing your method of payment, security measures, customer support, or about their interface design, or their welcome bonuses, you will be guided.

Into The Trend

Most importantly, they also provide news and updates with any Australian esports, whether it’s about the players or team performances, they have it, and this will help you decide on whom to bet your money. Moreover, Bet365 are accessible anywhere or whatever device you have, either it’s a pc or mobile phone, you can access their site through downloading their application and just navigate whenever you want to.

Legitimate Business

Lastly, Bet365 has been growing and developing over these years, and their respect for your privacy and security on betting real money on their site is their top priority. Also, it’s worth noting that this company is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, which they’re a legitimate business that your money can depend on. We can clearly say that they will always be the best esports betting site in Australia.

To sum it all, Bet365 offers the following:

  • Covers all Esports you are into
  • Easy to navigate whether you’re using pc or mobile phone
  • Features a lot of Esports update
  • Has big betting odds than any other sites
  • Prioritizes your privacy and security

Unibet 4.8/5

Unibet main page

As the betting industry in Australia is growing, people rely on trusted sites, and one of the best esports betting sites out there is UNIBET. This company has been operating such respectable services since 1997. And when it was introduced and rebranded in Australia in the year 2012, it continually made big improvements over these years.

They Have It All

They have everything you need; whether it’s about Australian esports or the most popular esports on the internet, they have it. And the company itself has an extensive quantity of companies that they handle in terms of sponsorships and promotions, which means they have a large set of gambling sites to choose from.

Tons Of Offers And Deals

Moreover, UNIBET is one of the few bookies that features a ton of offers and promotions, which also has an availability of live streaming in most sports and esports. And if you’re into betting esports and you’re new to UNIBET but currently living in Australia, it will be beneficial if you will make an account right now as you’ll be able to receive a risk-free bet of at least A$40.

Worth Of Your Money

If you’re still wondering if they’re worthy of your money and your trust, UNIBET is a legitimate and licensed betting company in which they are committed to developing a platform where you can safely deposit, play and withdraw, on whenever and wherever you want.

To summarize everything, UNIBET is offering the following:

  • A guaranteed risk-free bet of at least A$40 in every new account
  • Can be accessed through any device you use
  • Covers all Esports you love
  •  Availability of live-streaming in sports and Esports
  • Lot of offers and promotions

Beteasy 4.7/5

Beteasy main page

This is one of the leading best Australian esports betting site companies in terms of good odds and discount offers. When they first launched back in 2014 in the Australian market, they just skyrocketed to the top and continue being competitive in other sites in the gambling industry.

User-Friendly Website And Mobile Betting App

One of the several good reasons why they are in the top betting esports betting sites is their superb user-friendly in their website and app, as it’s easy to use and navigate. Other than that, they value the privacy and security of their players. Moreover, it’s also easy to deposit your money in any number of options you wanted it to be, and from there, your betting adventures are endless.

Covers Notable Esports Betting

And if you’re into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, Overwatch, or StarCraft 2, BETEASY has it all for you. Not just that, they also cover live streams of this popular esports all year-round and have extensive betting options offered when major, and minor tournaments are hosted by big companies like Activision, Blizzard, EVO, PlayStation, Riot Games, Valve, and more.

Professional Customer Support

Lastly, their customer support is extremely responsive to all your queries or issues, as they will respond on time from across all channels of communication and will give you concrete answers, which is refreshing to experience, as these services are lacking from other betting sites.

Overall, BETEASY offers you the following:

  • Wide range of Esports coverage
  • BetEasy Rewards and Discounts
  • Lot of options on depositing your money
  • Their website and app are easy to access
  • Commendable customer support

Other Websites That Offers Great Odds In Esports Betting

Betfair 4.6/5

Betfair main page

This company is arguably one of the best esports betting sites in Australia. When they were established in the year 2005, they dedicated their goal to the betting industry to deliver quality services to their customers.

They’re Different

Unlike other esports betting sites that are in Australia, Betfair is a sports betting exchange, which means that they’re far from being a bookmaker as they freely allow their customers or players to set their odds. Hence, the players are considered to be the bookmakers, making bets against other players, and can just go back and forth to put bets with other competitors.

They Have The Most Popular Esports

Moreover, Betfair offers most of the notable sports and Esports that are in the market, and they have a lot of promotions across sites, making them one of the reliable esports betting sites in Australia. And for Aussies, one of the reasons that they recommend Betfair is because the market is dictated by actual punters, not setting an added advantage on the bookmaker. By this, the odds are greatly better than any of those traditional bookmakers.

To sum it all, BETFAIR offers the following:

  • You’re the bookmaker of your own bets
  • They have a better range of esports that are available to watch
  • Their in-play service is exceptionally good
  • Laying and backing your bets live is easy
  • If you’re a seasoned punter, you will earn bet discounts

Playup 4.5/5

Playup main page

Australia’s newest bookie brand is rising but is already considered to be one of the most competitive and one of the best esports betting sites in the country. PlayUp offers great odds in all games they cover. If you’re not only into esports, but you’re also into sports like Australian football, rugby, and cricket, then this is the best site for you to bet on your favorite teams who are competing in all tournaments. They also have online live coverage you will enjoy watching while having live wager against other players.

Cool Website Design

If you have already visited their website, it has the coolest design you will ever see. And if not, you can check it out now, and not just that, it’s attractive, but it’s also easy to navigate. Their sign-up section is very simple to follow, and if you have already signed up, you can take advantage of their bonus offers. There’s also a history section on the site where you will be able to track the wagers you have made from time to time.

Professional Customer Support

Their customer support is undeniably professional as they are always direct and available 24/7 just to help you out and answer your queries. Also, your safety and security of the money you’ve deposited in their site is their priority; moreover, they offer you a sportsbook to ensure everything you have deposited, wagered, and won is 100% safe.

Overall, PLAYUP offers the following:

  • Well-designed website and easy to navigate
  • Numerous banking options
  • Solid bonuses and promotions
  • Professional and 24/7 availability of customer support
  • Top-notch player security

Top Esports Betting Websites

Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Rocket League Hearthstone Call of Duty
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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Rocket League Hearthstone Call of Duty
⇣ More games
Bet Now
Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Rocket League
⇣ More games
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