Apex Legends Betting Sites

Apex Legend game definitely has a good name. Why so? Because it is legendary! The game didn’t even have a proper marketing campaign, but within 24 hours, it nearly hit all the records. It is created by two good developers with a well-known name in gaming history, so that might be the reason why it becomes so popular. 

It is a relatively new game in the genre of a battle royale. It has great gameplay, interesting characters, it makes your blood rush in your veins, and it is still very popular, and it keeps gaining even more attention. That is one of the reasons why it has entered the world of eSports. If so many players around the world are interested in the game, there are tournaments and regular matches, and it was meant to become an eSport.

Right now, the possibility of Apex Legends betting is not available due to the fact that the game is so new, but soon enough, a lot of betting websites that are focused on eSports might have such an option. The game is already polished nearly to perfection. There are no legging, and the servers don’t go down unexpectedly right during a match or a tournament. So pretty soon, we might enjoy Apex Legends betting.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Betting Peculiarities

As it was mentioned above, betting on Apex Legends is currently not available since Apex Legends game is currently not an eSport even though it has all the characteristics of an eSport. Until it isn’t officially released that Apex Legends is now an eSport, bettors will have to wait and to start gaining an understanding of the specifics of these games, what is the gameplay, how to bet on it in the future, etc.

Below you can find some betting sportsbooks that might have Apex Legends betting in the future. These future Apex Legends eSports sites will have Apex legends betting opportunities right when the game will enter the world as an eSport. Right now, bettors can only learn more about the betting sites on eSports, where they can make bets in the future.

Even though technically, there were already several Apex Legends tournaments in the past, most bookmakers weren’t keen about adding lines for bettors to make bets. The reason why this happened is because of the tournament kind. The tournaments that happened in the past were organized right after the release of the game, and they weren’t organized that properly. 

For instance, the first tournament was an event where players were randomly matched. Each time a team was killing someone, the whole crew was earning one point. If they win, they were awarded by 5 points plus to all those gained points in a battle. So such a battle format wasn’t exactly what bookmakers expect from an Esport tournament. But today, the Apex Legend is improved, and players, as well as bettors, are waiting for tournaments and matches to be organized on a regular basis. 

Below you can find the list of potential Apex Legends betting websites where in the future, you can make your bets. You can learn more about each website, the advantages, and disadvantages, what eSports they offer, etc. Right now, unfortunately, there are no Apex Legends betting platforms where you can bet on the game. 

Apex Legends eSports Betting Sites: List

Below you can see several websites that might start offering Apex Legends eSports section in their eSports categories. These bookmakers are focused on games and betting on games, they offer to bet on tournaments, refresh the odds, and are trying to cover all tournaments that might be of high interest to users of these bookmakers. In the future, there is a high chance that they will be the first bookmakers to offer to bet on Apex Legends, thus becoming betting sites on Apex Legends.


The first thing you notice is a design. It is designed in a way that you immediately understand that it is a website focused on games rather than on traditional sports. You can see the eSports category, and it offers a lot of most popular games. You can also notice that there us a live betting opportunity with statistical data of previous matches and with the odds.

You can also notice the advertisement that offers a great bonus with a really low rollover. They claim that you can have a maximum bonus, which is 200 dollars for meeting a 4x rollover if you have a promo code. And the good news is that you won’t have to search the code up on the Internet. You just have to create an account, log in, and to click on the “learn more” button on the bonus advertisement. You will see the code, and your very first deposit will be doubled. 

But there is bad news. It can’t be used if you live in the US, the UK, France, and some other countries. You can see the full list in their FAQ section. But the good thing is that this list is short and in other countries, you can bet on this site. Apex Legends is not yet available on the site. But there is a high chance that very soon bettors will see a new section – Apex Legends eSports. 

It seems that you can deposit and cash-out by using a Visa/Mastercard, Webmoney, Yandex Money, Skrillex, and some other options. As for betting when using cryptocurrency, this option is not available. It is also not clear what is the maximum or minimum requirement for withdrawal. For example, it is not clear what is the limit per month for your cashouts. 


  • The design is modern, and it is easy to use the website.
  • Versatile payment options.
  • Good match coverage.
  • A great eSports collection.


  • No info about limits.
  • No app.

The site should be considered since it is one of those rare licensed websites that are focused on eSports rather than on standard sports. It is not yet an Apex Legends betting site, but since it is focused on eSports, it might soon become one. 



It is not yet an Apex Legends betting site, but it has a good eSports section, and in the future, when Apex Legend will organize tournaments, the site will offer betting options. If you visit the bookmaker, you will see that it is not only focused on eSports, it offers to bet on traditional sports too. Betway initially was created as a traditional sports bookmaker, it has a license, but years later, they have added the eSports section since it is something that is popular in the 21st century.

The reason why this site is added to the list is that Betway has a license, and what is more important, they keep up with modern trends. If the bookmaker notices that something is becoming more popular, they add this betting opportunity. There is a high chance of seeing an Apex Legends esports section in the future. 


  • A good reputation.
  • A good collection of eSports, especially considering Betway, is a traditional sports bookmaker.
  • A wide range of types of bets.
  • A great selection of payment methods, including PayPal.


  • A bit outdated design.

The bookmaker offers a great range of eSports and tournaments, so it is logical to conclude that soon players will see a new Apex Legends tournaments section. 



The website has a license from Curacao, which means that the site will have to offer good services to the users. You can learn more about the license on their website, as well as learn more details about the site. It is a new website, and as everything new, people are suspicious. But there is nothing to be afraid of, the website might not have a long history, but they offer a lot of great opportunities to those betters who prefer eSports to traditional sports.

CYBER.BET has a simple design, no ads, and you can easily reach the category you need. On the upper side, you will see several categories that facilitate your navigation through the site. You can reach the matches or tournaments, or you might want to choose the section with the results to see whether you won, etc. If you are new to betting on eSports, you can scroll the page to see the rules section below. Click on the link, and you might read about each game and betting rules separately. If you have questions, there is an ikon on the right side of the screen, just click on it, and you can start asking questions. 


  • Good variety of games to bet on.
  • Simple design.
  • Good range of payment methods.


  • It is too new.

The disadvantage of the site is obvious – it is new. But at the same time, it might be an advantage. Nevertheless, it is highly likely that soon you will see a new Apex Legends betting odds option on this site. 



The 22.bet website is not focused solely on eSports. It has all the characteristics of a traditional sports bookmaker. You can enjoy your time in the casino, play mobile or even TV games. But there is a high possibility that 22.bet will be among those bookmakers who start offering Apex Legends betting opportunities right after the official tournament of players and their teams will be organized. 

The website has a modern design, it is easy to use it. The only thing that makes it less easy to use is that you have to scroll down each time you want to choose a specific eSport. They don’t make each category for an eSport, but you can scroll down and click on the game to see only the specific betting lines. 

The website is licensed, and it offers opportunities to people in different countries. The only thing that disappoints is that they don’t have enough payment methods, and it doesn’t seem that they will add an option when you can make deposits in cryptocurrency.


  • Nice design, easy to use the site.
  • Good variety of eSports,
  • The site has a relatively good reputation.
  • It is protected.


  • Not enough payment methods.

It is not yet an Apex Legends betting website, but soon it can become one considering that the bookmaker is trying to follow the modern trends in the eSports industry.

Apex Legends Betting Bonuses

You must know that each bookmaker offers a welcome bonus for new players in the Casino and new bettors. It is worth mentioning that before you claim the bonus, you need to meet some requirements. Usually, it is a certain rollover number at certain odds. So you can’t just make a deposit, claim your usually 100% bonus, withdraw money and disappear on the horizon. No, you have to play for a while on the site. 

Some betting websites offer good bonuses with liberal rollovers, others might offer a 20x rollover, and you will have to spend even more money on gambling. It is worth and wise enough to read the rules about the bonus first, and only then to make a deposit. Sometimes it is even wiser not to claim the bonus, but that depends on your skills. If you are a professional bettor, it won’t be a problem to meet this requirement and to win even more. But new members should consider their skills and knowledge of the sport where they are planning to bet.

Another good option is when you complete the tasks and gain bonuses. Some websites have fun promotional programs. For example, you can receive nice Apex Legends betting bonuses if you bet on a game and win. The tasks are simple – bet on a game with certain odds, bet a required sum of points, gain a certain number of points, etc. Some websites also offer VIP programs for existing players. The more they play and deposit, the higher is their VIP level. And VIP levels give some advantages over all other players. 

Call of Duty Betting Sites

The first edition of the game Call of Duty (in other words CoD), had been released almost 20 years ago in 2003. It immediately caused a huge impact on all gamers since this first-person shooter is extremely interesting. Since that time, the company has released twelve additional editions. It is estimated that the company is selling twenty million copies of the game each year.

It is a first-person shooter that can be enjoyed alone or in a group. If you want to play alone, you can enjoy the campaign mode; it’s PvE – person against the environment. In the campaign mode, you accomplish different tasks and killbots. But there is a multiplayer mode, and that’s exactly why the game is of great value not just for players but for bettors as well.

Call of Duty betting sites grant a great chance for bettors to win good revenue. It’s like an additional profit source, and you don’t even have to be highly skilled at betting. It is easy to use betting as a source of income since you can see the Call of Duty betting odds, and the lower are these odds, the higher are the chances that the team will win the match or tournament. Professional bettors tend to understand when to bet on a so-called underdog team. 

Call of Duty

If the odds are higher, it means that the chances of this team winning the match are low. But if you bet on the team with higher odds, and this team will win, you can gain a very good revenue for your bet. But that’s a risky way of Call of Duty betting, most people prefer to bet on potential winners since they still get the win, even if it’s smaller.

But there is one thing that all bettors should keep in mind – bet only on licensed bookmaker sites. Sometimes sites without any license for offering gambling services might offer better odds. For example, safe sites offer the following odds: Team A (1.3) vs. Team B (2.1), while the unknown Call of Duty eSports site without a license offers different odds on the same team, i.e., 6.5 vs. 7.1. Inexperienced bettors might think to bet on such sites to gain more money, but eventually, they just lose their deposits since such sites won’t allow you to withdraw your winnings.

That’s why it is always better to use reliable and trustworthy websites. You can use the list below to start betting on Call of Duty. These sites have a license to operate as gambling companies. They must offer quality services and make sure that their customers are safe. 

List Of Call Of Duty Betting Websites

These are the best Call of Duty betting sites due to users’ comments and popularity of these sites. It is hard to tell which website can be called the best, but these mentioned below bookmaker platforms are decent and have a license to operate gambling websites. They offer a good level of protection to their users, and they are offering quality services to the gamblers. 



This betting platform is focused mainly on the eSports betting markets, including Call of Duty eSports tournaments, when they are available. This is a reputable betting website with lots of opportunities for professional and recreational gamblers. Even if you are less interested in eSports and more traditional ones, like football or basketball, you can find betting lines on traditional sports too.

The platform has a pleasant design where you can find everything you need. You can even check the news about potential matches, what is happening in the gaming world, what games might become new eSports, etc. The website is mainly targeted on gamblers on games, so everything is created for their convenience. The website has a license, and that means that you can’t gamble if you are less than 18 years. The site is completing some checking to ensure no one is breaking the rules. 


  • Great design.
  • Tons of payment options.
  • Good odds.
  • Easy to use.


  • No app.

GG.bet is a great way for gamblers to gain additional profit while gambling. The site is reliable and easy to use. 



It’s not an eSports website since you can bet on standard sports here, but it might be one of the best betting sites on Call of Duty since it is extremely convenient. It has an eSports section, and it is so convenient and easy to use it, that this one section can even compete with other websites targeted only on eSports.

The website is convenient and easy to use. You can adjust the settings so that the odds will be depicted in the format you prefer – you can choose American, Decimal, and Percent. The withdrawal/deposit options are good and versatile, you can choose from the most popular to several preferred in certain countries. The site is trying to cover all upcoming matches of CoD.


  • Extremely convenient and easy to use.
  • The odds are good and published regularly.
  • Nice design.
  • A ton of payment ways.


  • No app.

Pinnacle should be considered by any gambler, no matter what you prefer, more – original sports or new and trending gaming sports.



It’s a 100% eSport betting website that has a good reputation and interesting options for different gamblers. Call of Duty betting is available on Rivalry, in fact, the website has lots of games to bet on. It offers a range of around 20 games that have markets with odds. If you don’t know how to bet on eSports, you can visit the Academy with tutorials, instructions, and informational articles. The website is offering every tool needed for the gambler on eSports.

To make a bet on Call of Duty, you have to visit the eSports section and find a Call of Duty eSports option. Then you can choose the team you want to bet on. If currently there are no CoD events, matches or tournaments, the section will be empty. But if there is a league with matches, the site will keep publishing the odds on time so that you can make your net and win.


  • A user-friendly interface, no problems with finding needed categories.
  • Has a lot of games to bet on.
  • Good odds.
  • A lot of payment methods.


  • You can’t use any cryptocurrency to bet or withdraw winnings.

The website should be considered by professional and recreational eSports gamblers. If you don’t know how to bet, here you will learn how to to it successfully. And if you are a professional gambler, you simply can use all the advantages of the site, including the bonuses.



It’s a Call of Duty betting website where you can make bets easily and win nice rewards. Like any other bookmaker, you can have a welcoming bonus if you make your first account and then deposit a certain sum of money. There is a limit, usually, you can gain a maximum of 100 dollars as a bonus, but that’s an amazing start for the recreational or professional bettor.

The website has several categories, and the main focus is on eSports. Live betting is available, and the odds are always published on time. The website is trying to cover all the possible matches of all games that are the most popular writing gamers. And it is worth mentioning that they are pretty successful at that. They offer a lot of payment methods, you can choose the most suitable one.


  • Great variety of payment methods.
  • Nice range of games.
  • It is easy to use the site.
  • It has a good reputation.


  • You can’t cash out/deposit in cryptocurrency.

Buff.bet offers a plethora of ways to be entertained online. If you get bored while waiting for a match, you can try their casino. Perhaps, you will get lucky.



If you prefer to bet on eSports only on sites that offer eSports line, then Cyber.bet is an option that will fit your requirements. This eSports website offers only betting on football, but it doesn’t seem that the owners are interested in adding more traditional sports lines. Overall, the website offers only eSports lines.

Cyber.bet has a lot of options to offer to the game enthusiasts. The site has a clear-cut design, you won’t have any difficulties in understanding how it works. Some websites are publishing too many things on one page, as a result, people can’t find what they need. But that is not the case with Cyber.bet. You can check out their website, and you will see how useful it is. On the left side of the site, you will see the list of all the eSports available on the site.

To make a bet on Call of Duty, scroll down and find the CoD icon. If there are no matches at the moment, it will publish the information that the site currently can’t offer lines. In their “Community” section you can learn all the eSports news. Usually, the owners publish some announcements and news that affect the gaming world.


  • Easy to use.
  • Tons of payment ways.
  • Good collection of eSports.
  • It offers good odds


  • No app to download.

The website is new in the eSports industry, but it is reliable and trusted by many gamblers. It is extremely easy to use the website, and with their news feed, you will always be aware of the latest news about the gaming world and events.

Call Of Duty eSports Betting Advantages

If you are considering Call of Duty eSports betting, then you should know why it is preferred by bettors. It is one of the most popular games in the world, and Call of Duty tournaments are regularly organized. Sometimes there are no matches of Call of Duty going on, but that only means that soon enough, there would be more tournaments going live.

The best thing about betting on CoD is that the game is famous and people bet on it a lot. If a lot of people bet on a certain team, or a match overall, there is a bigger winning pool. Potentially, you can win a lot more than you would expect. And another great thing about CoD being so popular is that you can easily learn more about the mechanics of the game. When you understand how the game works, you can figure out who can become a Call of Duty match winner.

There are not that many official eSports you can bet on, but Call of Duty is one of such games. It is fun to bet on live matches and to observe these matches. Call of Duty has a huge community, it has interesting gameplay, and it allows people to win big rewards. All the Call of Duty matches are fun to watch which makes betting even more enjoyable.

Call Of Duty Betting Bonuses

All those Call of Duty betting bonuses that you can get depend on the platform you are using. For example, some platforms for placing bets are offering welcoming bonuses and some minor bonuses for existing players. But more popular platforms are trying to encourage gamblers to bet on Call of Duty and other games, so they create special promotional programs.

For example, apart from a welcome bonus that you can spend on Call of Duty betting, you can gain some weekly or monthly bonuses if you complete the tasks. The tasks are usually simple and clear – make a bet at specific odds, win a bet, make a deposit, etc. Sometimes betting agencies offer free bets or free spins if the site has an online casino. You can learn more about bonuses you can get and the requirements to gain these bonuses on the website you are using. It is wise to read the rules since there might be important information concerning these bonuses.

About Fortnite Betting Sites

Betting on Fortnite game is one of the most popular options since the game is amazing, it attracts a lot of users, and there are always matches available to bet on. The game is so popular that it is recognizable in dozens of countries over the world. It is a pretty new game (in a good way) since it was launched back in 2017. For 3 years, it is not losing popularity, and in a gaming world, it’s a huge thing considering how many developers there are out there in the world, creating thousands of games each year.

But considering how new Fortnite is, it is hard to find where to bet on these games. There are currently Fortnite betting sites available where you can make a bet. On several pretty popular Fortnite betting platforms, this game will appear as soon as possible. These sites are already creating Fortnite esports category to immediately add markets so that Fortnite enthusiasts can start betting right away. 

So even though there are currently no Fortnite tournaments to bet on since the game is currently not officially an eSport, this option will be added soon. The news about Fortnite becoming an eSport and entering the range of betting options as a Fortnite betting opportunity is spreading quickly, and there is a high chance that soon enough, it will become available. 


Some pretty influential eSports platforms have made it clear that they are looking forward to adding Fortnite eSports category to the list of eSports available. This means that soon enough, they will be organizing markets and Fortnite betting competitions for bettors. The interesting thing about Fortnite becoming an eSport is that these betting platforms are talking about competitions and matches even before these competitions are being announced. 

This only means that not only players are looking forward to Fortnite betting, but the owners of the betting platforms are waiting for this game too. It won’t take ages to wait until Fortnite betting becomes available. But now let’s see why is Fortnite so amazing and why betting on Fortnite would be even better than playing it. 

Fortnite Betting: Advantages

So before the first Fortnite betting site even appears, it would be wise enough to figure out why Fortnite is so important. Here are some reasons why it is so important that soon will appear betting sites on Fortnite, and what are the advantages of Fortnite entering the eSports world:

  • It is very popular in lots of countries.
  • The game has a fun although not authentic gameplay.
  • Lots of matches can be organized.
  • Lots of competitions of even leagues might be available for betting.
  • It attracts more and more players.
  • The game is released by a reputable and experienced developer.

It is even an underestimation to claim that Fortnite is popular. It is more than popular, and players all over the world are yet to explore the world of Fortnite. The main idea of the game is that because of a catastrophe that happened a while ago, only 2% of the population has survived. The rest are dead, or rather walking dead. The main characters of the game are to survive and to protect the survivors.

Players can team up in teams of four and to try to survive. There are several tasks that can be accomplished – you either have to survive as long as possible, or you have to achieve something, etc. So there are options when it comes to Fortnite betting – bettors can either bet on how long specific teams can survive, whether a team can achieve a certain goal, or in tournaments – which team will be the ultimate winner. 

That’s why so many future Fortnite betting sites are already talking about tournaments and betting options – there is a lot to think about. But first, see the list of sites that already have Fortnite eSports categories to add the betting options in the future. 

Fortnite eSports Betting Sites: List

Here are several future best Fortnite betting sites where Fortnite will appear soon as an eSport. Most of these mentioned below websites already have a category for Fortnite, but no one can bet right now. Bettors have to wait until the options appear in the specific category. But right now, you can learn more about the advantages of each betting site available that soon will have Fortnite betting available.  



The first thing that should be mentioned about Betway is that it is a licensed gambling company. The license is from Malta, and from the UK, it is a legit website for betting, created back in 2005. Now it is a reputable website, although the history of these platforms has recorded some downfalls of Betway. It is a future Fortnite betting site since the platform has an eSports section, and the developers have announced that they are looking forward to adding the game as an eSport.

The bad thing about Betway is that it is not available in the US and Australia, plus in some other countries. But people from such countries as the UK, Canada, Germany, Korea, China, etc., can enjoy betting on Betway. They offer diverse payment methods, including the most popular way by depositing and cashing out with a credit card, Neteller, Skrill, etc. Although they still don’t offer to attach a cryptocurrency wallet.

There are welcome bonuses for new players for their first deposits. The bonus can be claimed right after you make a deposit, but you will have to meet the 5X rollover requirement f you want to gain the chance to cash out, so it’s debatable whether you need to claim that bonus. You can read more about the cashing out rules on their website.


  • Good odds.
  • Attention to eSports.
  • Reputable website.
  • Easy to use.
  • Mostly free off adds.


  • The bonus.
  • No option to bet and withdraw in cryptocurrency. 

Overall the website is worthy of your attention at least because of the fact that it offers eSports to bet on. 



Some time ago, Bet365 was considered to be the most advertised betting platform in the United Kingdom. And the effect of those ads was amazing – people found out about the good odds and other great opportunities of the site. It is not entirely an eSport betting platform, it was created long ago, and the site was focused mainly on traditional sports. But today, it offers a lot of eSports options to bet on. 

The site will be one of the first to offer Fortnite betting odds since it has a good eSports section, and the developers of the site understand that fans are waiting for this games. Bet365 is preferred by many bettors because the website is pretty old, meaning that it has a reputation. The reputation might be good or bad, but this website has it; it’s not new, and most players prefer it because they know that they will be able to cash out without any problems and that the site is not a scam. 


  • It’s a reputable website.
  • It has versatile deposit/withdrawal methods.
  • It offers a casino with hundreds of fun games.
  • The site offers a lot of matches and competitions in an eSports section.


  • Not enough cashing out methods.
  • You can’t use cryptocurrency.

Overall, the website should be considered by eSports bettors because of the fact that it has a lot of matches to offer. It regularly shows lines of the most popular competitions. But that’s not the only thing they do; they also show less popular matches in case someone is interested. 



It is one of those rare cases when the website is focused first on the eSports, and only then on traditional sports in case people will be interested. The website offers a lot of opportunities to new bettors and existing players. They have a promotional program for everyone, so it can become a good start for a bettor. 

As you can see from the screenshot, they offer a lot of games to bet on. That’s why it is considered that the site will soon become a Fortnite betting website where everyone can bet on their favorite game. You can create an account and double your first deposit. It requires a rollover, meaning that you won’t be able to cash out your first win right away. You need to meet the requirements, only then you will be allowed to withdraw. 

The site offers an Academy to new players or bettors who are not too skilled in eSports betting. You can learn from the tutorials, read articles, and instructions. The site also has a news feed where they warn about scammers, or simply announce some competitions, etc.


  • Good odds.
  • Nice bonuses.
  • A modern design.
  • Academy with tips and instructions.
  • Support is good, and replies are quick.
  • Versatile payment options.


  • No info about betting limits.

It might have disadvantages, and it still has no app for mobile devices and tablets, but it is one of the sites that is focused on eSports rather than only on traditional sports.



The first thing you notice about BUFF.bet is that it has a lot of eSports to offer. It is a new website, and some bettors avoid it because of this fact. But the site deserves attention at least because it has such a rich collection of eSports to offer. It doesn’t yet have Fortnite, as well as other betting sites, but when Fortnite finally becomes an eSport officially, BUFF.bet will probably be among all other sites that will offer to bet on Fortnite.

The eSports app offers a welcoming bonus for newcomers. You can gain up to 100 dollars, but to achieve that, you need to make a deposit and then to meet the rollover requirement. Live betting is available on the site, and you can even see the previous statistics during the match to adjust your betting.

The website is a licensed bookmaker, so they are obliged to meet certain rules. For example, they check whether the bettors are of age, whether the players in the casino or bettors gain adequate services, etc. The site is legal, and it offers a lot of opportunities to new and existing players. They have limits on withdrawals, but it is pretty adequate – up to 100,000 dollars per month. You can bet on your favorite games and to withdraw each month a pretty amazing sum of money if you win. 


  • Adequate withdrawal limits.
  • It offers to deposit and to withdraw in cryptocurrency, i.e., Bitcoin.
  • Good collection of eSports.
  • Good coverage of tournaments and matches.
  • Focused on eSports.


  • It doesn’t have the app to download.

Even though you can’t bet on Fortnite on this site right now, but be sure that the moment Fortnite officially becomes an Esport, you will be able to do that. The site is good, and it is worthy of creating an account on BUFF.bet.

Fortnite Betting Bonuses Options

If you are seeking a little boost right after creating an account to start betting on Fortnite, you can think about Fortnite betting bonuses. The one bonus you can have is the bonus that doubles your first deposit. The sites have limits, for example, you can deposit 100 dollars and not more, but you gain an additional 100 dollars. You will be allowed to withdraw the win only after you meet the requirements, and the usual requirement is to bet several times.

The other option that will allow you to bet on Fortnite when it will be released as an eSport, you can take part in different promotional programs. For example, a lot of betting sites, especially mentioned above, allow completing different tasks, and they grant rewards. For example, you can make a bet or win a bet, and you can gain an additional reward for that.

Halo Betting Sites For Gamblers

The Halo computer game was released almost twenty years ago, and it immediately gained popularity among players. It is a first-person shooter game, and such genres are the most popular genres of games in the world. Even now that we have so many options, shooters are still very common and enjoyable.

Halo is not an exception, and people still keep playing it. Moreover, the Halo game is so popular that it has become an eSport. It has so many interesting contests that it was inevitable that people will start betting on Halo as one of the most popular shooter games in the world. Halo tournaments are usually regularly organized, and people can bet on those teams they feel might become winners.

There are three different gameplay modes in Halo, and wagerers can bet on any team that plays within one of those modes. For example, there is a mode where two teams have to fight until some of them reaches a specific number of kills within a short period. Or teams can fight against each other in a mode where they have to occupy someone’s flag. 


But the most popular mode is when teams have to occupy and control three structures of the enemy. This is exactly the mode that is preferred at Halo contests. Halo betting sites offer lines for Halo betting enthusiasts where they can pick one team that, in their opinion, might win the contest. Bookmakers offer similar lines as in traditional sports. There are odds that can be depicted as Decimal, American, or in percentage. You can choose the most convenient one for you.

Usually, the odds are automatically depicted as Decimal, but you can change that. If you see two teams with odds 1.2 to 3.4, then the potential winner is the team with 1.2 odds. And if you wager 10 dollars, you will gain 12 dollars if the team wins (2 dollar revenue). But some professional wagerers might know when to bet on a team that is considered the underdog. This might lead to a big reward, or to a huge loss, depending on the results. It is a risky way to bet on a team, but it might work since it’s a sport, and everything can happen. 

Halo Betting Bonuses And Loyalty Programs

Every bookmaker has bonuses for the wagerers. Usually, each website has at least bonuses for new players since that’s how they get new Halo betting customers. There are several types of bonuses you can gain while wagering on Halo eSports:

  • A 100% deposit bonus – when your deposit is doubled, usually, up to 100 dollars.
  • Free bet – sometimes, you have to make a deposit, but some betting sites on Halo offer free bets without this requirement.
  • Invite a friend bonus.
  • Discounts.
  • Loyalty programs for regular wagerers.

The most popular are Halo betting bonuses since these welcoming bonuses are offered by all bookmakers. Not every bookmaker is offering loyalty programs, though. If you are seeking a Halo betting website, you might want to check out the bonus program first. It’s not so important, but it could be a nice boost at the beginning.

Some bookmakers offer bonuses for inviting friends. For example, the most popular model is when a Halo betting site is offering up to 100 dollars for each invited friend. Usually, there is a limit on friends; for instance, you can invite only three or four. And it’s also important that the friend should make a deposit. Otherwise, you won’t receive a bonus to spend on Halo betting.

Websites that have a Halo eSports section, as well as most other bookmakers, are interested in keeping the existing wagerers. That is why some of these bookmakers have interesting options for players who are constant customers of the site. For example, many bookmakers offer discounts, and they regularly refresh them. They also offer special bonuses for different categories, for instance, for Halo eSports section, for regular sports betting, for casino players, etc. 

And there are also Loyalty programs or VIP programs for those who are wagering a lot. To keep their interest, websites, where you can make bets, are offering different perks. Usually, such programs allow bettors to reach certain levels, and each level gives advantages. That way, websites keep interest in wagerers.

So if you are thinking about Halo betting, then you might consider the best Halo betting sites with great bonuses. Such bonuses are not as important as good odds, safety, and other parameters, but they give you a nice boost at the beginning.

Halo Betting Advantages

If you are considering betting on eSports, then you should definitely try Halo betting. If you choose a good eSports betting website or a traditional bookmaker with an eSports section, then you will see that some sites offer up to twenty games to bet on. So there are not that many games that are eSports even though the gaming industry is progressing and releasing a ton of games each year.

Usually, Halo is within the range of offered games, which makes sense since it is so popular. So the popularity of these games is one of the reasons to consider Halo as a betting option. It’s not only about the fact that if a lot of players play it and there are tournaments to make a match, but it’s also about the odds.

The more people bet on certain teams or tournaments overall; the better are the rewards. If a lot of wagerers are interested in betting on Halo, then the prize pool will be bigger. Plus, the good thing about Halo eSports is that the game has a lot of matches to offer. 

List of Halo eSports Bookmakers

To choose a good Halo betting site, you might need to check out several reliable bookmakers before you pick one for good. Some people choose bookmakers that are focused only on eSports; others prefer using traditional bookmakers that have in range Halo eSports matches. But that doesn’t matter as long as the bookmaker is reliable and offers good Halo betting odds. Here are some websites you can choose from.



This bookmaker is one of the best since it offers a huge range of eSports. You can pick from the most popular to less popular games. It is a bookmaker that offers markets immediately as the game becomes an eSport. If there are currently no lines for your favorite game, it is only because there are no tournaments at this moment.

Rivalry is one of the most trusted eSports bookmakers. It has a traditional sports betting section so you can still keep betting on your favorite football or basketball teams, etc. One of the best things about Rivalry is that it has its own blog. This blog is called the Academy, and you can learn more about betting. It’s a good website, and you can bet on Halo without worrying that you are going to lose money.



It is not a pure eSports betting website, but it has a Halo betting section. Even though it is considered to be a traditional bookmaker, the eSports section is one of the best even among purely eSports bookmakers. If you want to access the eSports section on Pinnacle, you have to click on the “Esports” button placed closer to the right side of the page. You will get redirected to a page with a different design.

When you click on this button, it feels that you leave a traditional bookmaker’s website and enter the world of games. It is very convenient to use this eSports section, and you can choose the way you want to see the odds (decimal, American, percentage). And you can easily choose the team you want to make a bet on. The odds are placed near each team. Pinnacle is one of the best websites to bet on Halo, and you can see that when you start using the site. 



This bookmaker is considered to be among the most trusted betting websites. It is a traditional betting website with a good casino, traditional sports, and eSports. You can play games on this site, and you might choose to spin in the slots games, you can even play poker online. But it is still used mostly as a betting platform. 

It has a good eSports section even though it is not as rich as the Pinnacle eSports section. The only inconvenient thing about Betway is that you need to click on the All eSports button when you get redirected to the eSports section. When you click on eSports, you see only the most popular markets. So you have to click again on All eSports. But overall, the website has a good reputation, a nice eSports section, and you can bet on Halo matches.



It is a balanced bookmaker where you can bet on eSports, on traditional sports, play in the casino, and view virtual sports. It has all in one, and that is one of the reasons why people choose Buff.bet. The website has a good reputation, a great range of payment options, and a versatile collection of eSports to bet on.

It is easy to use the website; the only thing you have to do before the wagering is to create an account. If you are younger than legal age (which is 18 years), then you won’t be allowed to bet or play in the casino. Upon opening a new account and making a deposit, you will receive a welcoming bonus. Then you can spend it on betting on Halo or other eSport games.


A relatively new website for placing bets but it has a good reputation, If you check independent sources where people leave comments, you will see that this website rarely gets an evaluation lower than 7 out of 10. This website has everything – traditional sports, eSports section, mobile games, casino slots, and card games; it even has Bingo. 

The eSports section is not as versatile as you would hope it is, but it has Halo betting lines with relatively good odds. Since a lot of players use the casino on Pixel.bet, the bookmaker offers a ton of payment methods to choose from. Unfortunately, the website for betting and playing in the casino is not available in every country.

William Hill


It is one of the most trusted bookmakers even though it has not so rich eSports section. It is mostly focused on traditional sports, casino games, mobile games, but it also has an eSports section. Halo lines are not always available, but that’s due to the fact that sometimes there are no matches upcoming. It is targeted mostly on bettors who prefer such traditional sports as football, basketball, golf, you can even bet on politics (on elections), on TV events, some popular contests like Eurovision, etc. 

One of the distinguishing features that should be mentioned is the number of payment methods. It offers the most popular ways to cash out and to deposit, and it also offers some local methods. Although it still does not allow to deposit in cryptocurrency. Overall, the site is trusted and used by people all over the world. 



It is extremely popular in the UK. The website is targeted at gamblers who are interested in traditional sports and casino entertainment. But Bet365 follows the trends, and that is why you can start betting on Halo on Bet365. If you get bored while waiting for a match, you can play in the casino.

The website has a section with eSports lines, including the Halo shooter game. It is a trusted and reliable website that offers good protection to the gamblers. It has good odds, and the collection of payment methods is pretty vast. So Bet365 can be used to bet on Halo shooter game even though the website has more interest in placing lines for traditional sports. 

Choosing League of Legends Betting Sites

League of Legends, or LOL, is a strategy game with amazing graphics and special effects. It’s a strategy game where players have to team up to earn benefits and to defeat other teams. It is one of the most popular games in the world at this moment. The combination of interesting gameplay, legendary heroes, special effects, and tasks make it one of the best choices for players who want to have fun in a virtual world.

But it is not only attractive to players. Since there are a lot of professional contests based on playing League of Legends, bettors consider LOL to be appealing too. It’s only logical to make a bet on a game if millions of players team up and play against each other in matches and contests. Everyone who has knowledge of how the game works can decide for themselves what teams might be potential champions in different tournaments. This is why LOL is an official eSport, and a lot of bettors choose it to bet on some teams.

League of legends

League Of Legends betting websites offers bettors markets to choose from so that anyone can have a chance to win while others are playing. Since League of Legends eSports is highly popular (and it is an understatement), all betting platforms offer to bet on LOL. Because of such popularity among players and bettors, most platforms are trying to cover all the matches and League Of Legends tournaments. Meaning, you can bet on any team that is taking part in a professional contest.

Betting On League Of Legends eSports

Even though League of Legends eSports contests is highly popular and all eSports betting sites offer to bet on LOL, you can’t just google the request and choose the first betting site you see. The very first step you need to complete is to choose the bookmaker site wisely. Here are some criteria that show that the site will be useful and you can start betting:

  • It is licensed.
  • The bookmaker is covering most competitions and matches.
  • Good odds.
  • Diverse payment methods.
  • Reasonable fees on depositing/withdrawing, or no fees at all.
  • Ease of use.

The license is very important since if you bet on a platform without a license, you risk a lot. Your win might not be sent to you, or the quality of services would be lower, etc. When the site is licensed, the bookmaker is obliged to offer you quality services. As for the fees when cashing out or depositing, it is best to choose a site with no fees at all (but that’s rare), or with minimum fees. Check out the list of League Of Legends betting sites that meet these requirements.

List Of League Of Legends Betting Websites

There are lots of betting sites on League Of Legends since LOL is one of the most popular games right now. You can choose from League Of Legends betting platforms mentioned below since these sites are the most popular and reputable. It doesn’t mean that this list reflects the best bookmakers; the list is only a recommendation. It is up to the bettors to decide whether these mentioned sites are worthy of their attention.



Rivalry is a League Of Legends betting site that is focused on the games and betting on games. The website is offering to bet on some traditional sports so that other bettors won’t get bored, but mostly Rivalry is an eSports bookmaker. It is one of the most reputable eSports sites even though it is relatively new.

The collection of eSports offered by Rivalry is pretty vast, League of Legends is not the only game you can bet on. It seems that Rivalry is trying to cover all the matches and tournaments so that bettors can bet on the teams they feel might become the winners. The site is easy to use, a nice interface, and a modern design ease the process of picking the markets.

It looks like the developers spent a lot of time on creating the Academy – a place where beginners can learn more about betting. If you click on the Academy link, you see a ton of articles covering information about types of bets, how to bet, how to avoid scams, how not to overspend, and a lot more. Plus, Rivalry has a nice promo program. It is a 00% value, and you can get up to 100 dollars. Some would say it’s not much until they find out about the rollover requirements – it’s only 2x.

Rivalry is a good website to start betting on League of Legends. It has payment opportunities without fees, which is good. The only thing you should bear in mind that your bank or chosen company might charge you with minimal fees.


  • Covers a lot of League of Legends matches.
  • Offers good odds.
  • Useful, easy to navigate.
  • Has a special Academy with information about betting.
  • Diverse payment options.


  • Does not allow using cryptocurrency.

Betting on League of Legends on Rivalry is simple and enjoyable. Players have to create accounts to claim bonuses and to start betting.



Even though the website is not entirely an Esports platform, it offers LOL as an opportunity to gamble and have fun. Betway is targeted at bettors who are fans of such sports as football, basketball, some martial arts sports, etc., but Betway can’t ignore eSports. Gambling on games is a trend, and it doesn’t seem it will ever become less popular, so many traditional sports bookmakers implement new categories for eSports. That’s what did Betway a few years ago, and now it offers lines for eSports, and LOL is one of such opportunities.

The League Of Legends eSports category on Betway includes not just matches in a particular country, but even some leagues. Here you see competitions that will go live soon, and users might observe some leagues that currently offer matches. Betway is trying to cover all possible contests and leagues of teams of players so that all bettors can support their favorite teams.

It doesn’t seem that they offer live betting. You can see that there is live betting on traditional sports, but they don’t seem to have this function in the eSports category for LOL. That might change, considering they offer live betting for other games. Bettors might have to be more attentive to not miss such a chance.

As a welcoming bonus, Betway offers a 30 dollar bet for free. You can use it as you wish. If you have enough skills in betting on eSports, you can even get a great win, but only after you meet the requirements. You can learn more about promotions on Betway in their bonus section.


  • Lots of payment options.
  • It has a license.
  • The site was launched in 2005 – it is reputable.
  • Diverse payment methods.
  • Amazing coverage of LOL matches.


  • No option to withdraw in cryptocurrency.

The website might even have a bit old-fashioned design, but all the matches are categorized, the League Of Legends betting odds are posted pretty fast, and you can use your favorite payment options. The website can be used to bet on LOL.



This is a website where betting on League Of Legends is not just possible; it is enjoyable. The website is pretty new into the industry, but it was created by eSports fans who know exactly what eSport bettors need. The website is focused on eSports and on League of Legends as well since it is one of the most chosen games among players. It has some traditional sports offers, but eSports collection is more versatile.

GG.bet covers different LOL leagues, contests, and matches, so betting enthusiasts won’t have to visit different platforms to bet on all League of Legends matches they want. The site is trying to offer all possible professional matches to bet on. The bookmaker has a license to offer gambling services, so bettors will receive good quality for their money.

The site has a nice design, but it is a bit hard to navigate. You can easily find the match to bet on, but it is a bit more difficult to reach other categories. For example, if you want to read the rules, you have to scroll down. But the page will be automatically refreshing to show more matches, and as a result, it takes time to finally open the link with rules. And if you need information about bonuses, you have to click on the news category; the information is not in the rules section, which is illogical.

But the League Of Legends betting options are good, and it is possible to win a considerable amount of money while enjoying the website. The bonus program on this site is something to consider. The developers have decided to create something unique and more eye-catching. You can get the first bonus for a deposit, but that is not the only offer.

There are a lot of interesting options where you have to complete tasks. For example, you can become a Legend by completing the required tasks – make a deposit and place simple bets on odds more than 1.75, etc. That way, you can earn 660 dollars. And that’s not the only option. These bonus programs remind you of tasks in online games where players get rewards for completing actions.


  • A lot of League of Legends matches and leagues to bet on.
  • Interesting promo program.
  • Focus on eSports.
  • Versatile payment methods.


  • Could be more easily navigated.

GG.bet might be a new bookmaker in the field, but it stands out. It has the most popular games and is trying to implement everything that might be of interest to bettors.



This League Of Legends betting website is one of those rare cases when an eSport site offers cryptocurrency as a deposit/withdrawal method. A lot of bettors prefer cryptocurrency since you don’t need to pay fees at all – not to your bank account or electronic wallet company, and not to the bookmaker. And on BUFF.bet, you have several cryptocurrencies to choose from, including the most popular Bitcoin.

And about the most wanted categories, League Of Legends eSports category has a lot of options, including live betting matches when you watch and adjust your choices. The website has a modern design; it is easy to navigate and use it. The site covers most of the contests leaving no chance to miss some important matches. Even though the site is relatively new and it has to compete with bigger bookmakers, it offers good odds. This means that the chances are higher that your win will be better than on other sportsbooks.


  • You can withdraw/deposit in cryptocurrency.
  • Great odds.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Covers lots of matches, and live betting is available.


  • It doesn’t have the app.

League of Legends is a popular game, and it is hard to offer something that your competitor doesn’t offer. But BUFF.bet manages to offer something interesting to each bettor.

League Of Legends Betting Bonuses

If you are a beginner, then a bonus can be used as a little advantage. As a simple example, you want to start betting on your favorite game – just use this bonus as training material. It would be wise to check the terms and conditions of the bonus since all sites have rollovers. Meaning that you can make a deposit, claim the bonus, and withdraw it immediately – bookmakers don’t give money for nothing.

Usually, the bookmaker sets a rollover requirement – placing several bets on different sports with different odds. For example, placing several 10 dollar bets with 1.75 odds, etc. Read the terms of the bonus, and you can start training by completing these turns. Professional bettors might be more interested in bonuses for permanent players, and the websites mentioned above offer such bonuses.

Overwatch Betting Sites

The game was released in 2016, it’s not new, but it is still gaining popularity even though new games are released nearly every month. The reason why Overwatch is so popular is simple – there are a lot of contests to participate in. Players all over the world team up with each other and participate in well-organized, interesting contests.

And where there are contests, there must be a way to place a bet. And yes, since Overwatch is an official eSport, players even gain huge rewards when they win, you can place bets on Overwatch. Betting on Overwatch can be very profitable, especially if the gambler has skills in betting and understands how the mechanics of the game works. 

Overwatch tournaments are nicely organized, and they frequently appear, so gamblers have a great chance to support the team they feel might be the winner. It seems to be easy to just open a Google page and to enter the search request and to find a bookmaker. But it’s not. You can say that now three types of bookmakers exist on the market – purely sports bookmakers, purely eSports bookmakers, and mixed bookmakers, each focused more on either traditional sports or eSports.

Overwatch Tracer

You might open any famous bookmaker’s page, and you will see that the main focus is on traditional sports like football, baseball, basketball, etc. But they also offer an eSports category since gaming tournaments are highly popular these days, and bookmakers can’t ignore this fact. But such bookmakers usually add two or three games, even though they cover all matches and leagues. 

While purely eSports bookmakers offer more games to bet on. If you seek an Overwatch betting opportunity, then you can choose either a well-known bookmaker that offers this game or an eSport bookmaker focused on eSports. Overwatch eSports tournaments are highly popular, so Overwatch usually is one of those games offered to bet on any bookmaker website. 

Registered and licensed bookmakers are not that rare, but it is hard to decide which one to choose when you have such diverse options. A good Overwatch betting site would have to cover all important leagues and tournaments; it has to offer useful payment ways; it has to be convenient, etc. In this article, you will learn about such websites that you can use to your benefit. 

Overwatch eSports Sites To Bet 

These betting sites on Overwatch are with licenses, meaning they have to offer good and quality services to all the gamblers. This list of sites is not official and composed due to popularity and positive comments from users who enjoy betting. 



This eSports bookmaker focused on Overwatch betting is loved by users for several reasons. It has a nice and clear-cut design. There are no excessive elements that make it harder for gamblers to find what they need. It has no advertisements; it is filled with information that helps to figure out how to bet; it even has some traditional sports categories to bet on. The website is well-structured, and it is easy to navigate and find everything you need.

In the Overwatch betting section, you can find several matches planned overhead. You can choose lines that are still open. If you no longer can bet on a match, the bookmaker site will show it with a “locked” sign. The odds are depicted in decimal. It is easy to figure out how to bet on Rivalry, you see a match, near each team’s name you will see the odds. If the odds are 1.3 to 3.0, then it is more likely that the team with 1.3 odds will win. If you place a dollar in this team with odds 1.3, you win 1.3 dollars. 

But professional bettors know when to place a bet on a less likely to win team. As they say, the team won against all odds. For example, if you place a bet on the Overwatch eSports team with odds 8.0 hundred dollars, and the team wins, you will win 800 dollars. The odds on Rivalry are good, you have to play a little bit to get used to the bookmaker’s peculiarities, and then you can do some experiments. 


  • A lot of payment ways.
  • Quick cashouts and deposits.
  • Nice design.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • A ton of useful tips.
  • Good support.
  • Good match coverage.


  • You can’t bet or withdraw in cryptocurrency.

Overall, the website makes a very good impression. It is useful for beginners and beneficial for professionals.



It’s a relatively new platform with a focus only on eSports. You can’t bet on traditional sports on CYBER.bet, although surprisingly, there is a football section. You can bet there on such teams as Manchester City, Liverpool, Barcelona, and other teams you favor. But the football category is the only traditional sports option. Overall, CYBER.bet is heavily targeted at eSports gamblers.

It is a relatively new eSports bookmaker, but it offers to bet on the most popular eSports tournaments, including Overwatch eSports matches. The owners of the website are trying to keep up with the gambling industry, and whenever a new game is becoming an eSport, they are trying to add odds for this game so gamblers won’t miss out on a possibility to win a good revenue. The site is simple, and it might be even too simple since it is focused on offering markets and odds, rather than on information.

While other websites can offer Academies to beginners, or news feed, CYBER.bet is focused more on adding lines. It is a good advantage since they are trying to cover all possible matches. You can see Overwatch betting odds to each match if you click on the Overwatch icon on the left side of the screen. Then you can choose a match, and near each team, you will see the odds in decimal. 


  • Simple design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Lots of eSports to bet on.
  • Versatile payment ways.


  • Not the best Overwatch match coverage. 

You can compare CYBER.bet to other similar platforms, and you will see that they do not offer that many matches to bet on. But on the bright side, the platform is licensed, and it is best to bet here than to bet on a match you were waiting for, but on a platform without a license. 



It’s an Overwatch betting opportunity that you shouldn’t miss out on. The website offers not just a great range of eSports for gamblers to choose, but it also offers great coverage of matches. If you click on an Overmatch icon on the left side of the screen on BUFF.bet, you will see that the site offers matches that will go love in between Monday and Sunday. The list of matches is vast, and Buff.bet offers one of the best ranges of matches.

The website is stylish, focused on eSports. There is a sports category where you can choose to bet on your favorite football, basketball team, or you can choose other sports. There is also a casino where you can play traditional slots and card games, or to choose something different. The platforms offer a lot of entertainment for any gambler. 


  • Great Overwatch match range.
  • A lot of payment options.
  • A ton of other eSports.
  • Casino.


  • It does not offer the app to download.

BUFF.bet is a “must visit” website. It is not necessary to bet immediately on BUFF.bet, but it is considered to be one of the best eSports betting websites.



It is not a purely eSports website, and it is focused on traditional sports. But it might be used as an Overwatch betting website since it has pretty good lines on Overwatch. The website has a license and a good reputation. There is no news about people not being able to withdraw their winnings or having other similar problems. So it can be used to bet on Overwatch.

Bet365 is one of the most recognized sportsbooks since it is heavily advertised on TV. It’s a trusted platform with promotional programs for new and existing gamblers. It has a casino with live poker and other card games; you can bet on traditional sports, you can even play Bingo. The range of eSports is not big, but it has Overwatch in range, and that’s all most players need.

The coverage of matches is even a bit better than the coverage of platforms focused only on eSports. The site has not the best range of deposit/withdrawal options, but it has no fees. You can read about the conditions in detail if you scroll down and find the Withdrawal category. Only one option charges you for withdrawing.


  • Good range of Overwatch matches.
  • The site has a good reputation.
  • It has a license.
  • It is trusted.


  • No app.
  • No depositing/cashing out in cryptocurrency.

The website is worthy of the attention of gamblers looking forward to betting on Overwatch. Even though it is not focused on eSports, it has a good range of lines. 

Overwatch Betting Advantages

Overwatch is extremely popular, and there are a lot of tournaments planned. No one would bet on some unknown games and matches since the game should be popular globally. If everyone knows what the core idea of the game is, how it works, what teams might or might not win considering the information mentioned before, then it is easier to offer odds. The gamblers recognize teams and know who might win, and they consider the odds. That’s why Overwatch is so beneficial.

The game is extremely popular. It is played in nearly every country where games are popular. That also means that a lot of tournaments are organized so a professional player can compete with each other and win nice rewards. The eSports industry is now offering better rewards than it used to do. If in the past you could expect only a thousand dollar win, now the winnings might be very impressive. And if a lot of players are competing with each other, then gamblers have betting opportunities.

Since Overwatch is recognized in lots of countries, it is played everywhere, and there are a lot of matches happening on a regular basis, it is one of the best eSports to bet on. Every bettor can learn how the game is played, analyze the statistics of matches, and then the gambler can make a bet and win. 

What Are The Overwatch Betting Bonuses

The Overwatch bonuses will depend on the website you are using. If you are planning to create a new account on one of the bookmaker’s webpage, then you will have a 100% deposit bonus. Meaning, you add 100 dollars to your account, and you receive the same bonus of 100 dollars. You simply double your deposit. But such a bonus is given as money to later use on bets. You can’t withdraw your bonus. 

Such a welcoming bonus is good only in case if you know how to bet and you are planning to bet. But there are other bonuses that you can use as an Overwatch advantage in betting. Most platforms mentioned above create special promo programs. Some of those websites even have regular weekly bonuses. You can use all those bonuses to your advantage when betting on the Overwatch game. 

SMITE Betting Sites

SMITE is a battle arena where multiple players can compete with each other. It is a fighting game; players enjoy it from the third perspective, which might be a bit unusual for modern players. Such a way of showing the events in the game was most popular in the nineties, but not today. Still, the game was released in 2014, and it is still one of the most played games in the world, which tells a lot. Usually, the popularity of the game is decreasing, and eventually, everyone forgets about it. But that’s not the case with SMITE.

The game offers a lot of characters to choose from. Usually, these characters of heroes are either gods and goddesses or mythological creatures. For example, you can play as a Celtic goddess Artio, or you can choose the famous Loki. The game offers you to choose from Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Celtic, Chinese, Slavic, and other pantheons. You need to unlock those gods if you want to use them.


Each character has uniques qualities, strengths, and weaknesses. Some are great for defense; others are amazing at offense. Some of them have magic abilities; others rely on other strengths and skills. As a SMITE eSports option, it is mostly played 5 versus 5. Five players team up against the other five players and are trying to win the game.

The battles are usually spectacular and extremely interesting to watch. Each player must have his or her role in a team. The team has to destroy the opponent’s Titan, but before that, they must destroy some other structures. The team fights in a jungle area, a lot of monsters (PVE) are placed in between two teams. The winning players are getting the rewards.

It is worthy of mentioning that the game is of a free to play type, although play to win players get better advantages and faster. But any player can upgrade their characters, unlock different abilities, and team up with other players to win even better rewards. That is why the game has become a competitive eSport.

SMITE Betting Advantages

SMITE is very popular among players. Just think about it, one year after SMITE was released, there was a huge championship, one of the biggest SMITE tournaments with a prize pool of 2.6 million dollars. The winner was to get 1.3 million dollars! So the team could share the prize with each other, and still, it would be an amazing price. Sow hen such tournaments of SMITE are being organized; it is only logical that lots of people would love to bet on someone who they think might be the winner.

This was not the only tournament in the history of SMITE. There are other matches organized where the best players in the world can compete with each other. So SMITE betting can be considered one of the best opportunities because of the popularity of the game. It is easy to find out more about the players and to bet on teams considering the gathered details. Plus, the tournaments are interesting to watch, and they are regularly organized so wagerers won’t have to wait too long for SMITE betting markets to appear.

Since SMITE is a relatively new game on the market, not all the bookmakers offer lines regularly. It means that some of the most famous bookmakers might be offering to bet on SMITE only when some championships are happening. Some SMITE betting sites that are heavily focused on eSports, are offering SMITE eSports categories, but the lines are published only if some important matches are about to go live.

You should choose a SMITE betting website depending on the reputation and other features. For example, you can even choose a traditional sports bookmaker with a good reputation to start betting on SMITE. Even if at the moment there are no SMITE betting lines, they will appear when the tournaments are announced. In this case, you can trust the bookmaker since it has the license, and it is safe to bet.

SMITE eSports Websites (Reviews)

Below you will learn more about the best SMITE betting sites even though some of them are focused on traditional sports – Pinnacle and Betway. Such betting websites as Buff.bet, Cyber.bet, and Rivalry are targeted at people who are more interested in eSports and betting on games. But any of those mentioned below sites might be useful for you since they are legal and offer quality services.



As it was mentioned, Pinnacle is a well-known traditional sports betting website. It was launched a while ago, and it has everything a gambler needs – a nice casino, lots of betting options, and for a while, Pinnacle offers SMITE betting lines for game enthusiasts. The design of Pinnacle differs in each category. For example, if you click on the eSports section on the upper right side of the screen, you will be redirected to a true gaming world.

It is easy to navigate in the eSports section, and you can find any game to bet on. Unfortunately, Pinnacle doesn’t publish SMITE betting lines all the time. You can find the SMITE eSports betting category only when there are matches coming so you can analyze the odds and make your bet. But the site is a great option for gamblers. It is a reputable bookmaker, and it can be trusted. Overall, it is easy to use the site, it offers a lot of payment options, and users rarely complain about the work of Pinnacle.



This bookmaker is one of those betting sites on SMITE that has a category for SMITE gamblers. You can create an account on Rivalry to start betting. Rivalry offers one of the best eSports collections available in the industry. The bookmaker offers to bet on traditional sports, but the primary focus of the owners of the site is betting eSports lines. You can click on the eSports section; there will be a small window with different eSports. Click on SMITE, and you will see available markets.

If there are no matches currently, the SMITE eSports category will be temporarily empty. You can choose to view the results of previous matches to learn more about the teams who have won the matches. Rivalry is a fairly new bookmaker, but it has already gained a good reputation.

Rivalry has an Academy where you can learn more about eSports betting. This Academy is good for both – amateurs and professional bettors. Each section of the Academy covers different topics depending on the skills of the gambler. Overall, the site is trusted and easily used. It is a great option for beginners and professionals, even though Rivalry has only one type of bonus – the welcoming bonus.



This website is one of the most trusted online bookmakers you can find. It was launched back in 2006, and since then, the bookmaker has earned a good reputation and a huge database of users. Betway is heavily focused on traditional sports since most gamblers still prefer betting on football, basketball, baseball, etc. Betway also offers to bet on different events related to TV, on some most famous contests, for instance, on Eurovision, etc.

But since eSports are getting more and more popular, Betway has added the eSports category where you can also find SMITE betting lines. Even though Betway is not a SMITE betting site, it doesn’t even offer lines on SMITE on a regular basis, but it is chosen by a lot of gaming enthusiasts. The website has a great reputation; it offers various payment methods and a lot of bonuses for all types of gamblers. It also has one of the most trusted casinos, so you definitely won’t get bored with Betway.



The company that runs Buff.bet is definitely focused on eSports. Even though the site still has lines for bettors who prefer traditional sports, Buff.bet is mostly used to make bets on eSports. The website has a nice design, and it is easy to find the category you need. Unlike other websites foci=used on eSports, this website has lots of bonuses for new and existing gamblers.

Buff.bet has a casino with card games and slots. It also offers live dealer games so you won’t get bored while waiting for the results of eSports matches. It has different eSports categories, and it includes the most popular games in the world, for example, Dota 2, Counter-Strike, World of Tanks, etc. Unfortunately, SMITE betting lines are offered not on a regular basis. Buff.bet offers a line to bet on SMITE only when there are some matches coming live soon.

Overall, the website is easily used, and it offers a ton of payment ways so you can deposit by using your favorite method. The site offers fair odds, and it has a good reputation. You don’t need to worry about anything while betting on Buff.bet.



Another bookmaker that is focused only on eSports. It is a new company, but it has a license, and it definitely offers quality services. The website has a great collection of eSports; you might even find some eSports lines that are not offered on other eSports bookmaker websites. To start using Cyber.bet, you need to open an account. It is an easy process, just fill in all the required details. You can get a nice bonus at the beginning and use it to bet on SMITE.

Cyber.bet does not offer any traditional sports betting lines except for football. Overall, the website is targeted at gamblers on Sports and on gaming enthusiasts. It is easy to navigate the site; you will see a list of games on the left side of the screen. Just scroll it down until you find the game you want to make a bet on. Overall, the website is nice, and even though it is new, it offers the best collection of eSports to bet on.



This bookmaker has everything a traditional sports enthusiast needs – a good reputation, a casino, and a ton of options to make a bet. But since the eSports options are becoming even more popular, Bet365 couldn’t miss the opportunity to add an eSports category. So now, gaming enthusiasts can enjoy betting on games.

Bet365 covers a huge portion of eSports championships and matches. Even though it is focused on traditional sports, you can find a lot of eSports options, more than any other traditional bookmaker can offer. It doesn’t have a category for SMITE, but if there is a match, they will offer lines with fair SMITE betting odds.

The good thing about Bet365 is that it is available in a lot of countries, including the US. Depending on the country you live, you will be offered to use a payment method that you prefer, although it should be mentioned that Bet365 doesn’t offer a great variety of options. On the other hand, the site is trusted and can be used by different gamblers.

SMITE Betting Bonuses And Discounts

If you are seeking SMITE betting bonuses, you might be interested in several options. Most bookmakers offer at least one bonus, which is the welcome bonus. It’s a very rare case when such websites offer bonuses only for opening an account. Usually, those are very young betting services. Most reliable websites offer bonuses for making a very first deposit. For example, you choose to bet 100 dollars, you deposit these 100 dollars, and as a welcoming bonus, you get another 100 dollars.

Some websites are offering only this welcoming bonus, while others are trying to keep the existing databases of users. They implement different bonuses for existing gamblers, discounts, and VIP programs. One of the most loved bonuses that grant new players or bettors to the bookmaker and bonuses for the existing gamblers is the “Invite a friend” bonus. You can invite up to three friends and get a bonus to wager on SMITE.

World of Warcraft Betting Sites

The Blizzard Entertainment company has certainly hit the jackpot when it has released its most famous game World of Warcraft (or WoW). It’s a multiplayer role game where players can choose different roles and play as various characters. It’s a type of a game that combines PvP (player versus player) and PvE (player versus environment), where players can either play alone and explore the environment or to team up and play against each other.

When you create a character (or in other words, a hero), you can go on missions and kill some monsters (PvE), or you can interact with players (PvP). WoW has a whole universe that you can explore as a player. No wonder why such a popular game has become an eSport. World of Warcraft betting lines have been released since there were different World of Warcraft tournaments. Each time there is a match, most bookmakers are trying to publish the odds so that gamblers can start betting.

World of Warcraft

The best players team up with each other in order to show the world who are the best masters of the World of Warcraft universe. These players can win amazing rewards in tournaments that are part of eSports competitions. The prize pools of such tournaments are sometimes above and beyond all expectations.

But those who bet on World of Warcraft eSports sometimes win even better prizes. Since World of Warcraft is so popular, there are different types of matches, which has lead to appearing of World of Warcraft betting lines. Most bookmakers, even those who originally cared only for traditional sports, now allow betting on WoW.

World Of Warcraft Esports Tournaments

When someone is betting on an eSport, this gambler is choosing a team with specific odds. Sometimes people place bets on individuals, but player versus player is a pretty rare case. Usually, the tournaments mean that players team up. And that’s the case with World of Warcraft.

You might choose your favorite team, or the team you believe will become a winner against another team. These matches are of PvP type since players are playing against other players. But since WoW offers a huge universe where players can do whatever they want, explore different corners of this virtual world, now there is an option to place bets on PvE matches.

World of Warcraft is not only about PvP; some players might be more interested in killing monsters, completing missions and tasks. Usually, such missions are dangerous for in-game characters, and not all of the players manage to complete these missions. So now, there are World of Warcraft betting lines where you can place bets on players or teams when they are playing against the environment, although this type of betting is not as popular as live tournaments.

The most popular betting lines are when you can bet on one of the teams. When you make a bet on one team, you hope that it will win against another team. The bookmaker publishes the information about upcoming matches, which includes World of Warcraft betting odds. If the number is lower, than this team is a favorite, meaning it is a potential winner. If the number of odds is higher, then this team is an underdog in the match. But as everyone knows, sometimes the underdog can become a winner.

So it is up to the gambler to decide on who to bet since placing a bet on a team that is not a potential winner, can be risky but potentially a profitable idea. Usually, the odds are less even, and if you place a bet on a team that has odds at 5.0, you can gain more. But that does also mean that you can lose more if the team doesn’t win.

List Of World Of Warcraft Betting Websites

Mentioned below, websites are the best World of Warcraft betting sites considering people’s feedback. This list is not official, and it wasn’t created due to statistical data gathered by companies. These bookmakers offer good conditions to players; they are reputable and fair. That is why these sites are on the list and might be chosen by gamblers on World of Warcraft eSports matches.



Initially, Pinnacle wasn’t created as a website for betting on eSports. It was launched in 2004 as a traditional bookmaker. Since back in 2004 eSports were not as popular as today, Pinnacle’s main focus was on traditional betting. Until recent years, a lot of bookmakers were publishing odds to traditional sports, but now eSports competitions are trending.

Pinnacle might be even one of the best betting sites on World of Warcraft, even though the owners are still more targeted on traditional sports. Pinnacle offers one of the easiest to use interfaces. You might check it out and click on their eSports category. Then click on Warcraft 3 (it’s WoW), and you will see all available matches that you can make a bet on.

One of the things that are so praised about Pinnacle, is that it is extremely useful. You can choose the league, then the match. You can also click on the odds representation on the right of the screen – if you prefer decimal, then you can choose decimal. If you are more used to a percentage, then choose a percent type of odds. The American system is also available on the site.


  • Extremely convenient.
  • Reliable and trusted by gamblers.
  • Versatile payment options, including Bitcoin.
  • It has an app to download.


  • Not that many WoW matches to bet on.

It is a great and useful World of Warcraft betting site which can be used by different gamblers. It is great that Pinnacle offers depositing and cashing out in Bitcoin since that way everyone can avoid fees.



It’s a World of Warcraft betting website that offers markets always when they are available. It is heavily focused on eSports and it is trying to cover all possible tournaments, matches, league matches organized for WoW players.

The website is new, but it has a license and operates in a lot of countries. You can check the list of countries in their FAQ section. It is easy to use Rivalry and you won’t face any difficulties in trying to bet on a preferred team. The site even offers an Academy for beginners who yet are new to the gambling world.

For those who prefer standard sports like basketball, boxing, MMA, football, etc., Rivalry offers a section with markets. Overall, it seems that the site is more targeted at gamblers who are fans of games and want to bet on favorite teams. Rivalry has an amazing collection of games where you can make a bet.


  • Great variety of games.
  • A lot of payment methods.
  • Focused on eSports.
  • It is publishing markets on time.
  • Easy to use.


  • No mobile app.
  • Does not allow to pay in cryptocurrency.

Rivalry is a great choice when it comes to betting on games. It is easy to navigate on the site, it offers a great collection of eSports, and it is fun.


This website is targeted at gamblers who wish to place bets on traditional sports, but it also has an eSports section. This section is not as versatile as eSports bookies offer, but it is pretty good. The website is on the list of preferred websites since it has a good reputation, it has a licence, and you can bet from almost any country.

It is easy to navigate on the website, there is a section with all types of sports on the left. You have to find the eSports category to choose WoW and place a bet. If there are no matches currently, the site won’t show the WoW category. Unfortunately, it does not has a lot of lines for World of Warcraft fans.


  • Good reputation and long history.
  • Versatile payment ways.
  • It has a casino, it even offers games to play.
  • Great bonuses for new and existing gamblers.


  • No app.

You can choose to bet on an eSports website, but it might not has as good reputation as MyBookie. World of Warcraft fans might find interesting options on the site.



This bookie is not recognized as an eSports website, but it has a good eSports section so you can consider World of Warcraft betting on Unibet. It is a relatively new website, but it has a good reputation and it has a nice design that won’t distract you from betting.

Unibet has everything that a gambler needs. It has horse racing, greyhound racing, games, a casino with slots and card games, and an eSports section. Unibet was created as a site for betting on traditional sports, but it has a good eSports section that covers the most popular games. It has different payment methods, and you can even set a deposit limit in your account so you won’t overspend if you get too enthusiastic about something.


  • Easy to navigate.
  • Reputable and trusted.
  • A lot of betting options.
  • Good eSports section.
  • A lot of payment ways.


  • It does not allow to bet in cryptocurrency.

The website is nice and it can be used to bet on World of Warcraft. The only thing is that they not always post information about upcoming matches.



It’s a relatively new bookmaker that offers more traditional sports markets, but it has an eSports section. It is a traditional bookmaker with not just betting lines, but with a casino and mobile games. The website offers promotional programs to existing and new players so that everyone can enjoy betting.

Paddypower has several payment methods, but you can’t bet in cryptocurrency. The bookmaker is pretty reliable and there is no information about players not being able to withdraw their wins. The only thing that could be improved, is the eSports section. They offer all games on one page and it is hard to navigate.

You have to be very attentive to find the betting lines with the game you are interested in. But they do offer a good collection of eSports so anyone can choose the most suitable option. If you are new to these platforms, you will receive a bonus upon completing the first deposit.


  • It offers various betting lines for players.
  • Good odds.
  • Versatile payment options.
  • Great promotional bonuses.


  • The eSport betting lines should be better organized, preferably, categorized.

Even though the website is targeted at gamblers who prefer traditional kinds of sports, this platform can be used by eSports fans too. It offers a good collection of eSports, including World of Warcraft.

World Of Warcraft Betting Bonuses Types

Betting on World of Warcraft can be extremely fun if you receive some bonuses that can boost your budget at the beginning of betting. There are several types of World of Warcraft betting bonuses you can get while betting.

The first bonus is when you either get your deposit doubled (usually, no more than 100 dollars), or free bet. Free bet is almost of the same value as a doubled deposit, sometimes it is even considered to be better than doubled deposits. Free bets don’t ask you to meet strict rollover requirements, you just have to make a deposit and bet several times.

The other type of bonus you can get is for inviting a friend. You won’t have the bonus until your friend makes the first deposit. Such a requirement is supposed to make sure that no one is using liabilities to their advantage.

It is worth mentioning that a lot of bookmakers are offering special promotional programs to make betting even more fun. They might offer some discounts for certain events, or they implement VIP programs for existing members so they can get more benefits for being members of the community and betting frequently.

Hearthstone Betting Sites for Active Bettors

Hearthstone is a collective card game where players have to collect different cards. All these cards give you something. Some might be powerful; others are basic. It is a strategy game where a player is against another player and each of them has to do their best to win. To gain victory, you have to use your cards wisely to make sure your opponent gets 0 health before you have 0. You need to use cards to wound the opponent to burn his or her health.

There are several ways to play the game. You either play one versus one, or you play as part of your alliance. Yes, in Hearthstone, players can team up in alliances and give three players to defend their honor. In this case, if an alliance is playing against the alliance, three players play against three other players. So Hearthstone can be a PvP game in either 1v1 or 3v3 format.

The game is so popular since there is a ton of cards you can use, but the fascinating thing is that you can use different combinations of cards. Each card has its peculiarities and they give some bonuses to the player using it. But if players are using these combinations wisely, they can easily counter the opponent’s actions. If the player has a powerful deck of cards, he/she can easily become a winner.


Some matches are very interesting and exciting to see, especially when players with similar power play against each other. That way, you can only guess who will become a winner. You need to make decisions and make them right. Players have to adjust each time to different situations. Some combinations might be successful against other combinations, but if used in the wrong situations, it might lead to losses.

That is why the game is so popular and loved, and not only by players playing it. Wagerers can observe fascinating Hearthstone tournaments and bet on them before they go live. The options to bet on Hearthstone are vast, and there are lots of matches organized. That is one of the reasons why betting on Hearthstone is so popular.

Hearthstone Betting Opportunities

Hearthstone is played in every corner of this world. People are collecting cards, testing their card combinations, meet each other in battles. But why is Hearthstone good as a betting opportunity? Because it is a popular eSport! While you have to wait for ages for your favorite game to be added as an eSport, Hearthstone already is, and the only thing you have to do is to choose a Hearthstone betting website.

Since the game is popular, the matches are organized regularly. This game can be played online, and players don’t necessarily have to be in one place for Hearthstone matches. So no events can disrupt the matches. The Hearthstone betting lines are available most of the time, and you just have to make a successful bet on a team or player you believe might win.

When betting Hearthstone, you can either trust the Hearthstone betting odds, or you can go against them. For example, if the odds are displayed as Decimal, then in the case of Player 1 (3.2) vs. Player 3 (1.2), Player 2 is a potential winner. If you bet 100 dollars on Player 2 and he/she wins the game, you gain 120 dollars (20 dollar profit 1.2 x 100). But there is another, more risky option.

For example, you go against the odds and bet on a so-called underdog of the match. For instance, you bet the same 100 dollars on the same match, but you choose Player 1. If Player 1 is the winner of that match, you gain 320 dollars (220 dollars of pure revenue, 3.2 x 100). But of course, that is a risky bet to make, even though it might give you better results. It all depends on the skills of the wagerer, on his or her knowledge of the game, of players, and their strong and weak sides.

Hearthstone eSports Sites

If you opt to make a bet on this popular Hearthstone game, that you should pick among the best Hearthstone betting sites, such websites grant hat you gain good experience, that you will be provided only with quality services, the odds are fair, and the accounts are safe from hackers.

Below you can find the list of such websites so you can choose the best considering your preferences. Some platforms are heavily focused on eSports, others on both – traditional sports and eSports. Every platform is licensed and has good comments from users.



The website is considered to be relatively new in the gambling industry, but it has already gained a good reputation for a bookmaker that offers an amazing range of markets. If you visit Rivalry, you will see that it is focused on eSports even though it has some options for traditional sports bettors. The design is nice, and it is easy to find everything you need.

If you click on the “Betting” button, you can see the first category, which is eSports. Right near eSports, to the right, you can see the traditional sports category. Most people that come to bet on Rivalry are interested in Sports since Rivalry offers probably the best range of eSports among other similar eSports targeted bookmakers.

If you want to make a bet in a Hearthstone eSports category, then click on “Betting”, then choose Hearthstone, then choose the lines. In the settings section, you can choose the way the odds are displayed. The registration process is simple, and you get a doubled deposit bonus right after you deposit. So you gain a nice boost at the beginning and can use it to your advantage. But the welcome bonus is the only perk you can get. Rivalry has no promotions for existing players; perhaps, they will add something in the future.



Even though Pinnacle is a traditional sports bookmaker, it is among the best betting sites on Hearthstone. Pinnacle is a useful website that can be named 3 in 1. You get the place to bet on traditional sports and other contests or events, even on politics and TV. You can visit the casino and play online card games or spin slots. Or you can choose to click on an eSports category in the upper right side of the screen and bet on Hearthstone.

Pinnacle is easy to use, and the eSports section has a modern, stylish, game-like design. You can choose Hearthstone betting lines and bet on your favorite team or individual depending on the odds or other details. Pinnacle has a great reputation, it has a license, and it is praised by people using the platform. It offers a plethora of options to deposit and cash out, and here is no information about Pinnacle holding your winnings for some reason. Pinnacle has a great promotional program, so it is a great choice for wagerers.



As you can guess from the name of the bookmaker, it is a betting website focused on eSports, You can find Hearthstone betting options on this site, and you can see that the odds are pretty fair and good. There are lots of payment ways so you can choose the most convenient for you. The website is easily used; you can see a line of games on the left side of the screen. Just scroll it down until you find the game you want to make a bet on.

The comments of users are pretty good, it doesn’t seem that there are any problems that occur while using the site. The customer support is active, you might receive an answer to your question within several hours. The Hearthstone eSports category might be empty sometimes, but it would be fair to say that Cyber.bet is trying to offer lines whenever matches appear.



It is a Hearthstone betting site that offers a great plethora of options to wagerers who prefer eSports to other options, like traditional sports. It has a nice design where you can easily find everything you need. For instance, if you are seeking some eSport, then click on the eSports section, and you will see different options to the left of the page that appears.

The good news is that you can make live bets and observe different matches on Buff.bet. Even though it is a fairly new eSports website, it already has a great reputation, and wagerers prefer Buff.bet over other options due to the ease of use and great odds offered by the site. Hearthstone eSports section might be empty sometime, but only because there are no matches at that moment.



It’s not a place where you can find only eSports since it is a traditional bookmaker. Betway has a great reputation, it offers quality services, and that is why it is on the list of bookmakers that offer to bet on Hearthstone. Even traditional bookmakers can’t deny the fact that eSports are becoming more popular these days, especially betting on eSports. So Betway offers eSports lines for their bettors in case they are interested in cybergames.

The website has a nice design, even though they might need some optimizations. You can choose your favorite payment option since there are tons of ways you can withdraw your cash. The bookmaker is reputable, it has various options for clients, for example, reviews of matches, casino, useful data, etc. The registration process is quick, and you can get a nice gift at the beginning. Betway also offers loyalty programs for existing wagerers to hold their attention.

Hearthstone Betting Bonuses And Loyalty Programs

If you wish to start betting Hearthstone eSports options, then you should know that sometimes you can get good perks from the website you are using. If you are a beginner or simply starting a new account, all sites offer a welcoming bonus. For instance, you get Hearthstone betting bonuses for creating an account and making a deposit. Usually, this welcoming bonus depends on your deposit. If you deposit 100 dollars, you gain an equal bonus – 100 dollars.

Some websites even offer bonuses just for opening accounts. Usually, those are new sites that need a database of users, so they attract customers with the help of no deposit bonuses. But this is not the best option considering that the site is so new that you can’t judge whether it is good or bad, it has no reputation and rarely offers feedback from real users. So the best bonus is a welcoming deposit bonus. You can either get your deposit doubled, or you get free bets for making a deposit.

Another option is for players who are using the platform for some time. Everyone has friends, and if they share the desire for bets, it’s even better since bettors can invite their friends to bet on Hearthstone or other options. If you invite a friend and he is making a bet on one of the Hearthstone betting options, then you can get a bonus. If this friend is making a bet, then he had made a deposit, which is the requirement to get the bonus.

For each friend that deposits, you get the bonus. Most of the time, such options are limited to three friends. And you get the bonus only after your friend makes a deposit. Hearthstone betting sites also offer great loyalty programs for existing bettors. For example, VIP programs where you have to reach VIP levels. Each VIP level grants awesome perks. And don’t forget about the special discounts. Usually, trustworthy sites with a good reputation offer special discounts.

PUBG Betting Sites for Gamblers

PUBG is a relatively new game in the gaming world. And even though it might be less popular than World of Tanks or Call of Duty, it is new and has great potential. First, it is a first-person shooter in the genre of battle royale. It engages several dozens of players in huge battles against each other and only the strongest, the smartest and perhaps the most skilled ones can survive the game.


Gamers prefer PUBG since it has interesting gameplay. You can create and name a character (in other words a hero), choose the clothes, weapons, and customize the way you want. At the beginning of the game, all a hundred characters (or heroes) are getting to the island on a plane. Players get to decide at what point they are landing on an island. This decision will either be good or bad since players can land somewhere where there won’t be advantages at all.

Then these players have to start collecting resources that will help them win. For example, when you land on an island, you have only clothes and some basic weapons. It is up to you to find all the necessary kinds of weapons to win. Players may play alone, they can keep hiding so other gamers won’t find them, or they can team up. One team can have up to four players.

No wonder that such actions attract bettors attention. Gamblers are interested in PUBG betting since there are different contests and matches where you can guess who is going to win. The gameplay is interesting and the matches and PUBG tournaments are always fun to watch. Perhaps, PUBG eSports are not as a popular betting option as betting on all other games, but it is still an option. And there are a lot of advantages to betting on PUBG.

PUBG Betting Benefits

One of the reasons why PUBG betting has more advantages than other similar eSports is because it has annual and seasonal tournaments. For example, the Global PUBG Championship where only the best and the most skilled players team up against each other to get great rewards. And since the tournament is popular, there are a lot of wagerers waiting for the matches to go live. It means that there will be lines to bet on, and the prize pool will be higher.

It is always better to bet on such games like PUBG since the PUBG betting odds are fair and the prize pool is higher due to the fact that lots of people wager on PUBG matches. Another great advantage of PUBG eSports options is that the game is popular and there are matches organized regularly. You can monitor the information about upcoming matches, research the history of each team (winnings, losses, strong sides, etc.), and make a successful bet.

Other advantages of betting on PUBG are as follows:

  • Live matches due to the interesting gameplay and special effects.
  • The game is popular to bet on.
  • Fair odds.
  • Nice winnings.

These benefits of PUBG make the game so appealing for wagerers all over the world. Since the game is popular among players, it is popular among bettors as well. Not all PUBG betting sites offer good bonuses, odds and other perks, but some of them are worthy of your attention. The best PUBG betting sites offer great bonuses for newcomers and regular players, so learn more about potential bonuses you can get before you choose the PUBG betting website.

PUBG Betting Bonuses Options And Promotions

There are several types of PUBG betting bonuses you can get. One of the most popular is the welcoming bonus that you usually get for creating an account and making a deposit. In very rare cases you can get the bonus simply for opening a new account. Such bonuses are called no deposit bonuses, meaning that you don’t even have to make a deposit.

If you gain such a no deposit bonus it still doesn’t mean that you can register, get the bonus, win 1,000 dollars with the help of this bonus, withdraw your win, and that’s it. No, betting sites give such bonuses on one condition – if you decide to withdraw the winning from your account to your bank account or electronic wallet, you must make a deposit. But these bonuses are less popular since they are usually small. When you make a deposit, that’s when your bonus is bigger since your deposit gets doubled.

There is a plethora of other bonuses and special promotions or discounts. Usually, well-known and reputable betting sites on PUBG or simply on regular sports have special discounts during some events or holidays. These bookmakers have “bonus” categories, so make sure you monitor them so you won’t miss special opportunities. Usually, those are discounts or free bets, but there are even more options for wagerers to choose from.

One more interesting option is inviting a friend and getting a bonus. This type of bonus always goes on one condition – your friend has to use a special code (from an email that you send out to your friend), and he must make the first deposit. Usually, the sum of the first deposit by this friend is fixed by the bookmaker. So when the friend uses the code and makes the first deposit, you get the bonus. Most of the time, you can only invite several friends since there is a limit.

It’s wise to choose PUBG betting bookmakers that offer different perks and privileges to the regular customers. Plus, these sites have to be reliable and trustworthy, with lots of withdrawal and deposit options for customers to choose from.

PUBG eSports Betting Websites

If you are choosing PUBG betting sites, you should keep in mind that it should be a licensed website. It’s the most important thing to consider since that way the bookmaker will guarantee that you get your winnings and that the services will be of high quality. It also should be reputable and have a lot of payment options so you can choose the most suitable for you. Here are some examples of such websites where you can bet on PUBG.



This is an eSports betting bookmaker that offers a lot of eSports to bet on. It has at least two dozens games with lines so that bettors can choose the favorite games to bet on. The website has a nice and modern design with nothing that would distract your attention. It is easy to navigate and to choose lines to bet on. Rivalry is simple and that’s the advantage.

Even though the website is simple it has various useful things for bettors. For example, their Academy. In their Academy, everyone can learn more about betting on eSports. They also publish the most recent news concerning the gaming world. As for the license, they have it, as well as a good reputation. Rivalry offers a ton of payment options so you can choose the most suitable for you. The odds are automatically displayed as Decimal, but you can change to other options in settings.

Overall, the website is nice and targeted on bettors on eSports. The odds are fair and clearly the website is not a scam or a fraud. PUBG eSports category is available on the betting website.



Another great website for betting on eSports overall and in PUBG in particular. The website is a traditional bookmaker that is targeting users interested in traditional sports. It has lots of traditional sports to bet on, plus the casino and all sorts of slots and card games in it so people won’t get bored. But since eSports is a trend now, Pinnacle has added a new category – ESPORTS.

You should click on the button on the right side (not the left), the category of eSports is on the upper side of the website. When you click on the category, you get to see a totally different website. If the design of Pinnacle on the main page and sports betting page is made in one style, the eSports category opens the doors to the gaming world. The design is different, more suitable for games. Because of the design, it is easy to navigate Pinnacle. You just need to choose the game you want to make a bet on, and you will see a list of matches with odds.

The site allows you to change the display of odds right on the page of the match. You have to click on the “Decimal” button on the right, and you can choose to switch to the American or percentage display of odds, or you can leave the odds as Decimal, it’s really convenient. There are lots of payment options so you can choose the most suitable one for you. The reputation of this bookmaker is good, and it offers different bonuses to regular users which is great if you want to start betting on PUBG.



This is not entirely a PUBG betting site, but it is used as one. This website is a traditional bookmaker with a Casino and lots of betting options. You can even bet here on political elections, on TV events, on various contests, for example, on Eurovision when it’s the time for this contest, etc. It has a nice casino with lots of games and Betway, even though a bookmaker site, is considered to be one of the most trusted casinos as well.

And like any other good bookmaker, Betway offers the most popular options. Today, it’s eSports and betting on games. You can choose to create an account on Betway and to click on the eSports category. The website is trusted and reliable, with a license. So even though it is more a traditional bookmaker, you can consider Betway PUBG betting options.

The website offers fair odds, the payments might be canceled only in case of fraud. In other cases, people almost never complain about payments being stopped or canceled. If you win a huge price, you will be able to cash out – nothing to worry about. As for payment options, you can choose the most suitable for you, Betway has lots of them. Overall, the website is good and worthy of your attention and money.



This bookmaker might not have the best collection of eSports, but that is only due to the fact that this is a traditional betting site. It has a lot of traditional sports lines to offer, it has the casino where you can play card games or spin slots, but it also has an eSports category. You can find PUBG eSports on Bet365, but only when there are matches of this game.

PUBG tournaments and matches are not organized all the time, so you can bet on PUBG only in certain cases. And if there are popular tournaments to bet on, Bet365 will offer betting lines. Overall, the website is good but the developers could change the design of the site a bit.

It looks old-fashioned and it would be easier to navigate if they categorize games, for example, one eSport – one category. But this bookmaker is reliable and with good odds, it has lots of payment options and a license. So it is wise to use it as a source of additional income and fun.