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Betfair betting site is one of the most reputable exchanges and gambling companies since it is regulated by two organizations responsible for fair services. The platform had been launched back in 1999 and it gained a good reputation among the casino players and bettors. One of those things that differentiate the Betfair site is that it allows you to become a bookie. That is why it is called an exchange platform – you can sell your bets to other people.

4.6/5.0 Overall Rating

  • 4.4 Esports Offered
  • 4.6 Customer Service
  • 4.6 Deposit Options
  • 4.6 Player Value


One peculiar thing about Betfair is that it can operate as a marketplace or an exchange. It might not have the best Betfair eSports range, but it has other attractions. It was launched a while ago and it has gained a good reputation among simple bettors and professionals. Initially created as an exchange platform, now it is used more for placing bets. You can check out the help section to get a better understanding of how the sportsbook works.

Top Esports Betting Websites

Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Rocket League Hearthstone Call of Duty
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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Rocket League Hearthstone Call of Duty
⇣ More games
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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Rocket League
⇣ More games
Bet Now

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How Does Betfair Work?

Create an account – this is the first requirement. What is good about Betfair is that they don’t seem to be too willing to make people lose all their money. You learn more from their help section when to stop, so the loss won’t be painful.

After you complete a Betfair registration procedure and put money on your account, you can start gambling. The site might seem to be overwhelming for new players. It’s hard to find all the sports lists from the first attempt. Just click on the “All sports” section on the left. But you won’t be impressed by the range of sports offered. Betfair is mostly focused on the UK gamblers, or at the European audience.

Do whatever you prefer on this site. You can find even Bingo to play if you prefer it. Visit the casino with card games like Poker and Blackjack, enjoy slots, etc. But always be careful and try not to gamble more than you can afford.

Welcome Bonus

There is a Betfair welcome bonus for real beginners (or new individuals to the website) who are interested in making bets. The bonus can go up to a hundred pounds, it is up to you to decide whether you want a 20-pound bonus, a 40, or to go to the maximum. How does this Betfair bonus work? So do not hesitate and pass the registration, put some cash to the account, and place several bets at required odds.

Betfair offers

Location & Age Restrictions

It is located in Gibraltar, but it is operating nearly everywhere in the world. It was created more as an exchange rather than a sportsbook. But players like it and use it if they are of legal age. The age should be more or equal to 18.

eSposts Games Offered

The site offers several options, but they are not as diverse as most people would like. It is probably because Betfair wasn’t even created as a sportsbook, it was created as an exchange. But still, it is one of those sportsbooks that offers at least some games to bet on. But for new bettors, it might be difficult to start betting. As it is clear from Betfair reviews, it is not even that easy to find the section with eSports.

Betfair UI

Types of Bets

Multiples are considered to be the best option on this site. As it is claimed by the developers of the bettors platform, this type of live betting is preferable since you can bet a little sum of money and win a high price. They claim that they have better Betfair odds for multiples, and bettors can experience the excitement of betting 20 dollars and gaining a twice, three times, or even higher price. But you should be careful and know when to stop when placing a bet on any game or league.


The registration application is pretty detailed. The field with a promo code will be filled automatically, as well as your location. Everything else you should write on your own, including your phone number. They don’t use emails, only phone numbers. When you fill in everything, you can press continue.

Betfair sign-up

Promotions and Bonuses

To claim a gift, you have to make some actions. The account has to be first for you while creating it you will see the promo code in the relevant field. A second step is adding some cash to your account (min 10 pounds), and then start betting. Opt to bet on options at odds equal or more to 1.50. You have to bet 10 pounds 5 times, which will trigger a 20 pound Betfair bonus. You can repeat the action until you gain 100 pounds. To tell the truth, it is probably directed at people who are new in betting.

Special Features

As for something special, you might try playing bingo or in the casino. You can also try another bettors feature – greyhound racing. Normally, such platforms offer horse racing, but Betfair offers a lot more. If you are experienced at greyhound racing, or you would like to try your luck, then you can click on this feature.

Payment Methods

The good news is that Betfair does not charge you for the deposits you make and withdrawals you offer. Although it is worth mentioning that you might be charged by the bank or company that you use for your financial transactions. You can use the most popular and convenient ways to deposit and to cash out, these are Paypal, credit/debit cards, PaySafe, etc. But note that some of those methods might have limits on withdrawals and waiting time, usually, up to 5 days.

Privacy and Security

It seems that Betfair is a fair company, it doesn’t deceive customers, and they have all the required security measures to make sure players are safe. Their software is pretty good, people rarely claim in their comments that Betfair is lagging. But make sure you never share information about your passwords and logins.

Customer Support

It might seem a bit slow. When you have a problem, and you need to fix it now, or at least within one day, they may respond two days later. But the good news is that the Betfair support can help in fixing issues and answering questions, even if sometimes they are too slow.

Pros / Cons


  • Good variety of depositing and cashing out for free.
  • You don’t have to wait too long to cash out.
  • Exchange available.
  • You can become a bookmaker.


  • Slow support.
  • Too complicated and overloaded website.
  • No way to deposit and withdraw by Bitcoin.

A Betfair App

They have a link that redirects you to Betfair, but it is expired. You can simply open the site on your mobile phone, the screen will immediately adjust to the size of your device’s screen, and you won’t notice any differences. It is easy to use Betfair from your phone as if you are using it from the computer. It might have been removed for some reasons from App Store and Play Market. But we all know how these two platforms love removing popular apps without any reasonable explanations.

Betfair apps

Betfair Rules

Children, teenagers, people not of legal age are forbidden to register. The company that regulates Betfair makes sure all the users are of appropriate age. It won’t be possible to register if you are underage. Although you might open an account, most likely, it will be blocked if you don’t meet the age requirement. Cheating is forbidden, as well as using site liabilities instead of reporting them. The detailed rules on Betfair you can read on their official site.

Final Verdict

Betfair has a symbolic name for sure. Their bettors might not have the widest range of eSports, and the range of traditional sports is mostly limited to those most popular in Europe, but overall, the platform is good. You can become a bookie, or you can make your very first bet. You might have fun in the casino, or start playing Bingo. There are lots of options for beginners and professionals, and that is what matters.


Is Betfair Safe?

It seems that the Betfair betting platform is pretty safe for players, bettors, and people seeking to sell their bets. It is regulated by a well-known company that makes sure all requirements for such types of platforms are met. But you should be careful - do not tell your password and login to anyone. If your money would be stolen from your account because you have lost your password and login (in written or digital form), you won’t have a refund.

Is Betfair Legal?

Yes, Betfair is a legal company, and it is mostly UK oriented. The biggest portion of the audience is located in the UK, although the company is located in Gibraltar. But that’s the usual thing when gambling companies are registered in other companies while people are enjoying betting in all corners of the world.

Is Betfair Good?

Betfair has several “fors” and “againsts”, and you can check them above in the article. People only starting, who have zero ideas on how this mechanism is working, will have difficulties. The sportsbook is overloaded, and it is not properly categorized. But if you get used to the inconvenience of the sportsbook, you notice that it has a lot of advantages. It is one of the oldest sportsbooks, with a good reputation, that is why people choose it.

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